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Glamorous Stars seeking soul mates

Are you a young, handsome Sri Lankan guy dreaming to marry a glamorous celebrity? Then this would be mind blowing news for you. Parents of following celebrity stars seek soul mates for their beloved daughters these days.

The first bachelorette is none other than Pooja Gauthami Umashankar. Pooja was born in 25th June 1981in Sri Lanka to a Sri Lankan mother and to an Indian Kannadiga father. Being Hindu in religion she also familiar with Buddhist rituals because of her Sri Lankan mother. Proposals are coming from all over the world but the ideal partner for Pooja must be either Sri Lankan or an Indian, the reason for it according to Pooja; “ There is no Kiribath(Milk Rice),Lunu Dehi or Mee Kiri(Curd) in USA or Australia, then I might have to get delivered the” helapa”prepared by my Sri Lankan grandmother through post” Pooja’s father is get in touch with astrologers these days to match her “Kendra” with proposals received and it will be a time consuming process.”I’m not searching for a rich guy but definitely he would be a kind hearted person who does not smoke or take alcohol” Pooja is playing the main role as princess “Pabawathi” in Professor Sunil Ariyaratne’s latest film “Kusa Paba” and it will be her last film according to sources. However she has recently been a part of an AFI (Amateur Film Industry) venture titled “Mirage” shot in September 2011. She says, her good friend Abhishek Venkateshwar requested for her participation in this short film.

The bachelorette number two is Rashi Paboda Sandipani, the daughter of veteran actress Geetha Kanthi Jayakody. Paboda is 29 years of age and recently celebrated her 25th anniversary in the industry. Paboda’s first appearance was when she was a four year old kid at the famous Tele Drama “Yashorawaya”. She was much remembered for her dubbing for Japanese Tele Drama “Oshin” at the age of six. There were rumours that she had affairs with Roshan Pilapitiya,Aravinda Lokuge and Vishwanath Kodikara. The astrologers have advised her to get marry before July 2012. Rashi Paba is playing a main role in the film to come “Super Six”.

The famous Tele Drama actress Udayanthi Kulatunga is the bachelorette number three. Although she has made some controversial comments regarding her marriage finally she has decided to get married next year. Udayanthi wanted it to be a proposal arranged by her parents as all her effort to find a suitable person her elf was in vain due to various reasons. Udayanthi is over 23 years in age and was a victim for many gossips regarding her public life. Udayanthi recently stepped in as a producer with her maiden effort titled “Seara”. Udayanthi Kulatunga is one of the most popular rising stars in the tele field today. This talented young star who made her film debut with ‘Sinasuna Adaren’ is now playing a key role in Sanath Abeysekara’s debut movie direction ‘Mahindagamanaya’ which is being screened now.Udayanthi who also plays the title role in ‘Mila’ has been pencilled in to play a significant part in Devinda Kongahage’s latest film and tele series ‘Bhava Tharana’ and ‘Bhava Siddhantha’.

Let’s wait and see who will be the lucky ones to marry these glamorous celebrities, and we at Lanka Help Magazine will bring you the latest about these stars as and when it happens.

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