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“My Sri Lanka” a culinary journey of celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita

Australia based Sri Lankan celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita is going to explore the Sri Lankan cuisine in a different manner with his newest television series “My Sri Lanka”. The new 10 part series show will explore Sri Lankan food and tourist hotspots, hosted by Chef Peter Kuruvita. Using his grandmother’s recipes as a guide, Peter travels across the country, from seaside fishing village to lofty tea field, experiencing the wealth of Sri Lanka’s beauty, culture and culinary diversity along the way.

Peter is the owner of “Flying Fish Restaurant” at Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney. He has travelled all over Sri Lanka from Jaffna to Galle, Negombo to Baticaloa covering all the nine provinces to shoot “My Sri Lanka” which has been called part cooking show, part memoir and part travelogue. It’s a combination of sharing recipes, stories and truly breathtaking sceneries of his motherland. According to one Australian reviewer, “the camera work is top-drawer and each episode is likely to leave you craving both Sri Lankan food and a sub continental sojourn”.Peter’s journey was able to tap into Sri Lanka’s largely unrecognized depth of history and cultural fortitude, all of which have patiently waited to be explored.

Peter Kuruvita was born in London, UK in October 1963. From a very young age a range of rich cultures inspired Peter; his childhood memories are filled with the collaborative influences of his Austrian mother and Sri Lankan father. In 1967, Peter’s family moved to his father’s hometown of Colombo, Sri Lanka where life was very colorful through the eyes of a young child. Peter vividly recalls his grandmother’s primitive kitchen – “There was no gas or electricity, just a simple wood stove.”Growing up in Sri Lanka, Peter spent his early childhood alongside his grandmother watching and preparing family meals created from ancient Sri Lankan spice recipes that had been passed down from earlier generations. This strong sense of family combined with Peter’s early association with food has continually inspired him throughout his career.

“I am so proud of this series. It has reunited me with my childhood home, and allowed me to reconnect with special family and friends from my past.  I have also been able to meet new friends along the way, and rediscover Sri Lanka as it exists in today’s modern world. I am looking forward to sharing my Sri Lanka – this journey is a personal one for me and I hope audiences will enjoy it,” said Peter.

Peter has a reputation in the Australian culinary circles as an expert on seafood and he has a strong stance on seafood sustainability. He continues to develop the Flying Fish brand and in 2008 launched a range of products along with his cookbook Serendip.Peter consults to a variety of businesses in the food and beverage world and has been a guest chef in many countries including the Westin hotel Beijing and New World Hotel Ho Chi Mihn City Vietnam.

Kuruvita considers himself a proud Australian and a proud Sri Lankan. Time and again his philosophy – that food must be prepared and cooked with love – is evidenced in the joy of those around him. .

My Sri Lamka with Peter Kuruvita premieres 3rd November on SBS One and the DVD will be available from December 2011 online at SBS website.


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