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“Dancing is my passion”- Sheril Romen Decker – “Amaa”

Sheril Romen Decker’s or “Amaa’s” first public appearance was  in a “Awurudu Kumari” contest conducted by ITN in year 2006. Later she was seen as the dancing partner of Roshan Ranawana at the “Sirasa Dancing Star” reality show. Being a past pupil of St.Joseph convent Kolonnawa she claims that it was dancing that help her to brought her versatile abilities to the Sri Lankan audience. Sheril’s dancing academy was “Kulasiri Budawatta Dancing Academy” and now practice under her school dancing guru  Mrs.Siriwardane. This 22 year old actress has one elder sister who is married and her father is a government servant.

After participating in dancing star she received several offers for acting and TV commercials, where she accepted few TV commercials.  When famous film director Benet Ratnayake saw her talents in Dancing Star show and invited her for his movie “Ira Handa Yata”, Sheril accepted this offer and played a chractor of a dancer who is the girl friend of the main actor. The cast include Mahendra Perera, Bimal Jayakodi, Palitha Perera etc from whom she got valuable lessons in acting.

“When I entered to the film industry I have decided not to accept Tele Dramas. It may seem a silly decision, but I ‘m unable to give a particular reason for that. And I may not continue acting because my intention is to start a business of my own. But I will never give up dancing because it’s my passion.” Said Sheril couple of years ago, but now she had second thoughts in accepting Tele Dramas.

“I like the role in “Amaa”, in fact the role of village girl is quite familiar to me. My mother is a Sinhala Buddhist and my grandmother used to prepare “cheeththa gawum” for us for the Sinhala New Year. Although I reside near Colombo, I like the village life quite a lot, the main location of “Amaa” is in a beautiful village in Bandaragama. I must thank Wathsala,Bimal,Vishwa and especially  Shantha Zoysa and Mahesh Rathsara for their assistance and guidance rendered to me.”

“I don’t have lot of aims in my life because I love my freedom, but I like to proceeds my career in beauty culture and modeling. My journey in the film and Tele drama industry will be a slow and steady one. I have lot more to learn in acting; actually acting is the art of living.”

When asked whether she will accept an invitation to enter in to politics, Sheril said that she will never accept that offer.

Other than Tele Drama and film industry Sheril also contributed her talents in Music videos. She has done the main role in Romesh Sugathapala’s recent hit music video “ Digu desa dutuwama”. She denied the rumor of having an affair with a leading character in the particular music video saying; I’m not thinking of a love affair at the moment, I’m still aged 22, my marriage will happen after my 25th birth day.


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