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September 30, 2016

“Sanda Ra Suwisara” : Lakhada – ITN Musical Night

By Sandakalum - Tue Nov 15, 9:54 pm

Lakhanda radio is celebrating its 15th birthday. Lakhada radio began operation on november 15, 1999 and one of its objective was to mould a modern radio tradition while protecting the language and the Sri lankan culture.

The “Sanda Ru Suvisara” musical program was held on November 01st it was telecast on ITN on November 15. Sanda Ra Suvisara featured popular and well respected Sri Lankan singers Sunil Edirisinghe and Victor Rathnayaka ; Music direction of “Sanda Ra Suvisara” was done by done by Rohana Weerasinghe. Indrathissa Suraweera was the announcer in this gracious musical night.

Following is the video of “Sanda Ra Suvisara” musical night and hope you will enjoy.


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    Thanks Lanka Help Magazine for posting this video. I am a big fan of Sunil Edirisingha and Victor Rathnayaka and I love their song.

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