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“We warmly welcome the gossip spread about us” Athula & Samitha

Athula Adikari and Samitha Mudunkotuwa are no strangers to the Lankan music audience, but the duo has not sung together for a couple of years. Breaking this silence and amid thousands of gossips spreading the two of them are separated they have done a duet that touched the hearts of Sri Lankan music lovers. “Alen wela ganna kolam kala” is this new hit song lyric and composed by Madawa Hewawasam.

The lyrics were written in such a way that every one heard this song compelled to believe that this song describes the duo’s current relationship. Samitha’s name was entangled with a powerful Cabinet minister of this Government over the years; while rumors spread Athula is having an affair with a famous model. The two of them were not seen together as husband and wife in many public appearances such as music award festivals and other reality show finals, which eventually lead people to believe the gossips spread around are true. But both Samitha and Athula strongly denied this rumors saying that the two are living happily with their two children. “We warmly welcome the gossip spread about us. Bollywood people do it by their own selves in order to get more publicity. It is a well organized tactic. But, in our case we’re getting it free,” said Athula.

“I have not sung a solo since 2005” said Athula. “I have done few solos, but this is the first duet with Athula after couple of years” said Samitha.

Athula: Actually this song was done for someone else by Madawa, later he asked me whether I would like to sing it with Samitha for which I agreed.

Samitha: Madawa is a friend of Athula, and when he invited me for this song I accepted it with pleasure since we have not done a duet for quite a long time and as an encouragement for this novel artist.

Athula & Samitha: We both are happy to see this song popular among music lovers with little time and we are thinking of doing a visual for this near future.

`Sanda tharu mal mata gena dun’was the duet Athula sang with Samitha for their daughter, Kavindya Devindi, composed by Rambukkana Siddhartha Thera and music by Rohana Weerasinghe on the day of her birth. `Sanda sumuduyi mudu sisilayi’, the song they sang for their son, Shane Athula which were highly appreciated by their fans.

Athula has also tried his talent not only in singing and music, but before the tele camera as well. Ashoka Handagama’s `Synthetic Sihinaya’ was his first tele in 1988, and Senesh Bandara’s `Arunoda Kalapaya’ (2004) was the second. Roy De Silva’s film `Salamuthu Pinna’ was his first ever experience of the Silver Screen. `Ran Palase’ (1988), `Ran Podak’ (1991) and `Sihine’ (1994) were the cassettes he has released so far. `Surya Nagare’ (1998), `Kale Ne Muthuth’ (2005) and `E-mail Kavi Kariya’ (2005) were among the CDs of his that made a hit.

Samitha is working with the younger music generation quite often and done many solos and duets with new artists over these years.

Athula is the music director in Derana “Dream Star” reality show from the beginning and the two of them are judges and team leaders in the Derana “Star Challenge” reality show.

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