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‘SADDANTHA’ – Online Comedy show by the Lankan Youth

Created, directed, and produced by a vibrant set of youths in Sri Lanka, Saddantha is an online comedy show introduced through YouTube and Facebook. With a touch of the Sirasa hit comedy show “Api Nodanna Live”, Saddantha has its own unique tap on creating humor within the audience with it’s out of the box perspective of the world.

The show is being hosted by Chalitha Weerakody, (Chali, 21) and Ranush Ratnasekara (21) who are currently students working on their degrees at the moment. The creation of Saddantha was quite an accident and as a little chat with Chali reveals that it was pure peer fun which made them even have first thoughts on it.

We (Chali and Ranush) have a friend called Buddhi, and we were at his place once. So out of boredom we two just kept my camera in front of us and started talking like idiots. First we talked about news and then it developed slowly. We came up with the idea that we gotta add segments to this so we asked Jayanga(Jaynaga Nanayakkara) to come over and do a detailed description about Buddhis lego toy. And Kavinath wanted to make fun of me for a song I sang in challengers so he talked about that.

The initial idea of directing, editing it and uploading it to YouTube was Chali’s who gave a little bit of a TV touch to the ‘accidental’ video. With a little twist from the ‘Saturday Night Live show’, the name Saddantha was born.

Believe me or not Ranush came up with stupid names for the show, but I wanted to make it sound like “Saturday Night Live” which is a big show, so we named it “Saddantha”

After receiving many positive feedbacks the continuation of the episodes were inevitable.

We got a lot of feedback for the first episode so, many people wanted to join us to do the 2nd episode. We got Dasun (Frodo Photography) to record us and we planned it this time, what to put and what not to put. We improvised through many segments, most of the jokes are naturally made right there. I did the directing and editing part with the little knowledge I know about filmography, but it came out nicely.

On inquiring about the 3rd episode of Saddantha:

The 3rd episode was done in full HD and the jokes were written over a period of time by me and Ranush. Hasaru, Jayanga, Kavinath, Marlon, Chathura, Dasun and Cindy acted in the 3rd episode which reached 1000 views within 2 days.

Keep tuned in for more folks as these young youths have many more ideas stored up within their sleeves.

We are hoping to make the 4th episode and a Christmas episode and end it there for 2011. But there will be many more to come.

The team behind this Saddantha ‘Saddantha’ show consists of Chali & Ranush (host), Buddhi De Silva (Musician), Dasun Hettiarachchi (Camera) and other appearances by Marlon, Hasaru, Jayanga, Kavinath, Chathura and Cindy.
We wish them all the best for their future endeavors and wait with elevated glee for the next episodes.
To watch them through Youtube, subscribe for their channel ‘Saddantha’ or become a fan on their Facebook Like Page.

Visit “Saddantha” Youtube Page – Click Here Become a Facebook Fan – Click Here

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