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“Elu” the dog who travelled 700kms in search of its master

A dog managed to find its Sri Lankan master after 3days and after travelling 700km in the train. “Elu” is this lucky pet dog of Mr.Prasanna Fernando who is a small scale business man in Italy. This news was also published in “IL Mattino” news paper in Padova.

Prasanna Fernando who is a small scale business man lives in Padova.  He used to travel all over Europe for his business and his pet dog Elu accompany him all the time. But Parana’s business mainly based in Bologna city where he used to travel very often. Elu and Prasanna travel to and from Bologna by train frequently and Elu is quite familiar with getting in and out of the train. And most importantly it always crosses the road in yellow crossings and familiar with signal lights yellow, green and red.

In this particular day there was a huge traffic jam in Bologna city and somehow the two of them were separated. Prasaana searched for his pet for hours but was not successful, and finally he made a Police entry and went back home where he seek the help of internet community for finding his beloved pet.

Meanwhile Elu itself search for his master for eleven years in every corner of the Bologna city where it quite familiar of. Having not found his master Elu decided to go home and came to the train station and waited for a train to arrive. A train arrived and Elu quickly got in and lay under a seat, but unfortunately that was “Euro Star” express that’s heading Rome not its master’s town Padova. After four hours of journey Elu got down from Rome and quickly understood that it is not his familiar town Padova. Once again Elu got into another train where it was stopped at “Rhymney”couple of hours later, which was another false attempt.

One kindhearted Italian lady noticed a dog wandering here and there anxiously in the station and managed to get friendly with it. The lady took it to her home and gave some food which it refused to eat. Another day passed and still the dog is refusing take food, having understood that the dog is in a deep pain the kind lady finally logged into the internet for a clue. She was lucky enough or rather Elu was lucky enough to see the Prasanna’s appeal in the internet.

The lady herself drove Rhymney to Padova to hand over Elu to its master Prasanna. No wonder it was an emotional reunion. Prasanna burst in to tears and thanked the lady for her exceptional kindness to drive all the way from Rhymney to Padova to hand over his beloved pet.

Elu has travelled more than 700kms and spent three days without food to find his master. The story once again proves that the dog is the man’s best friend.


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