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Relationship Banking with a Sri Lankan touch

Relationship banking is a process that involves proactively anticipating the needs of individual bank customers and taking steps to satisfy those needs before the client presents them. This new approach of the Banks working to develop the relationship between the Bank and the customer, assessing his or her individual situation, and making suggestions for various services offered by the bank to help improve the financial well-being of the customer. Although this methodology is widely used in International Banks, two leading Banks in Sri Lanka now provide this personalized service with a Sri Lankan touch.

Sampath Bank – Platinum Plus

The Platinum Plus is a premium relationship package that combines exclusive banking, investments and a host of other financial privileges with the highest level of personalized service and value. It is designed to recognize and reward the relationship we share with you. A specially dedicated branch for this service is located in No.18, Cambridge Place, Colombo 07.

Eligibility Criteria

Members are required to maintain a total balance of Rs. 5 million made up of deposits in Savings/Current, Time Deposit Accounts, or US$ 50,000/- or equivalent in Foreign Currency Accounts, or combination of Foreign and Local currency to the value of Rs. 5 million.

Personalized Facilities you will get

Once you become a Platinum Plus member you could enjoy privileges such as special parking facilities and an exclusive lounge area where you could enjoy a cup of coffee rather than stand in line, while a specially appointed Personal Relationship Manager will take care of your daily banking needs. You’ll soon realize that, the Bank always extended to serve you, while you enjoy the most relaxing banking experience ever. And that’s not all you will receive some unique privileges such as

  • The priority 24 hour telephone service where all your banking needs can be handled by a single contact.
  • Qualify for Visa Platinum credit card and for supplementary Gold cards with all other Visa Platinum benefits.
  • An ATM card with a daily withdrawal limit of Rs.80,000/=.
  • Normal E Banking facilities
  • A branded cheque book and a monthly statement.

Commercial Bank – Elite Banking

You live a life of constant achievement because you expect the best, both from yourself as well as those around you. Being awarded as the the Sri Lanka’s best Bank for 13 consecutive years, Commercial Bank, recognize this need and provide you with a service that gives you a best service that you can always rely on, that consistently looks after your best interests. Commercial Bank Elite, is an exclusive experience for high net worth that’s above and beyond regular banking. Their team of professionals will help you grow your wealth and provide you with unmatched privileges and offers at its own private residence at No 7 Gregory’s Road, Colombo7.


Eligibility Criteria

For you to qualify as a Commercial Bank Elite customer, you need to establish a total deposit relationship in excess of Rs.10mn in a savings and/or fixed deposit account at the Commercial Bank Elite branch.

Personalized Facilities you will get

With Commercial Bank Elite, you will be served by your own Relationship Officer who will take care of all your daily financial needs, give sound advice on your investment portfolio and keep you up to date on all banking matters. You will have easy access to a variety of investment opportunities which you can discuss at anytime with your Relationship Officer.

  • Wide range of deposits and advances to suit your individual requirements
  • Investments in government securities and bonds
  • Investments in IPO’s and existing listed shares
  • Selective overseas investments within CBSL regulations
  • Financial protection through a variety of Insurance covers
  • Cross currency trading

The Lifestyle You always Wanted

Commercial Bank Elite helps you enjoy your success by giving you the lifestyle you want to enjoy. They have partnered with some of the best merchants in the country to offer you many benefits and discounts. Whether it is travel and wellness or even residential property management, they have a great deal waiting for you.

Some of the privileges they offer:

  • Overseas travel assistance
  • Priority services at selective hospitals
  • Residential property management services.
  • Discounted offers for pharmacy products, flowers etc.


Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

1 thought on “Relationship Banking with a Sri Lankan touch

  1. I am currently with another bank that is not mentioned here but actively advertises it’s prominance in this area. So far, although they also gives me most of these services, more prominant features of their ‘relationship banking’ seem to consist of trying to market their other products (esp even if they know I am not interested) and although 24 hor hotline is available, poor followups. I hope it is just a problem with that bank and other banks don’t have the same issues.

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