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Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Photos/Videos

Another wonder of beautiful Sri Lanka is about to bloom in couple of years. The enchanting 350 meters high gigantic 11-storyed tower called, “Lotus Tower” will be rising up in the sky starting on this new year, 2012 January 20 at the Beira Lake water front (Beira Wewa) in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Lotus Tower will be the 19th tallest tower in the world. On the other hand, Lotus Tower is the tallest tower in South Asia. The Lotus Tower will be constructed on a land of 3.06 hectares (30, 600 square meters of land) in the heart of Colombo. Just like the Toronto CNN Tower, in Toronto, Lotus Tower will bring the pride and significance to the commercial city Colombo. It will become the ultimate symbolic landmark of the world tourism in the near future. According to Sri Lankan News Media, Lotus Tower will consist of four storeys high podium. The podium itself will have a telecommunication museum, fast food courts, offices, magnificent exhibition halls, and conference hall. Moreover, the 11-storeyed tower will have a five star luxury hotel, a revolving restaurant (just like the one in CNN Tower) which could accommodate 600 clients, and a banquet hall, which could facilitate over thousands guests at a time.

The construction is initially planned to sum up in 30 months and the EXIM Bank of China is the lead funding hand of this marvelous project.

Please watch following two videos which give you more information about this project.

ITN News article about the project:


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1 thought on “Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Photos/Videos

  1. Lotus Tower will be a land mark to our city /country.We need more land marks in the city to attract tourism with natural as well as constructed. See Dubai, It was an desert 15 years ago. with the construction of Dubai mall ,wild wadi ,Bur Jal Arab hotel,metro rail ways etc. gives more attraction to tourisms. There fore we need this tower. but with the minimal corruptions.

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