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The World Cheapest Car Bajaj RE60 Will Be in Sri Lankan Market Soon

Not long ago, it was TATA Nano which was the ultra cheapest car in the world. TATA Nano can be seen in Sri Lankan roads and TATA Nano taxi service in Sri Lanka was also making news recently.

TATA NANO is no more the cheapest car in the world. India’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto has produced a new four-wheeler vehicle named Bajaj RE60. Since, NANO has been unsuccessful i taking off as per expectation, Bajaj RE60 may have a big advantage of being popular. Bajaj is planning to export their new addition to Sri lanka first before introducing it to local market. Furthermore, they are going to open up an assembly line in Sri Lanka.

Bajaj RE60 is a 200cc four seater vehicle which is expected to be in Sri Lankan market by mid 2012. RE60 has a top speed of 70 kmph and fuel consumption of 35kmpl in normal driving conditions. Body coloured bumpers and funky wheels of this car will definitely be an attractive feature. The interior of the car has a central speedometer cluster, folding front windows, 44-litre boot space, 95-litre under seat storage and prominent seatbelts in cabin. This four-wheeler gets a digital twin spark tech engine. It is also available in fuel injected CNG variant.

The price of the Bajaj RE60:
Bajaj has not revealed the exact price of the car. Bajaj has been working with Nissan and Renault car companies to develop an ultra low cost mini car. It is stated that Nissan-Renault alliance want to price the car around 2500 USD and Bajaj company is working on further to lower the overall cost of ownership.

Bajaj is also India’s second largest motor bike maker.This intra city four wheel vehicle is mainly targeting three-wheeler customers. Following video shows Bajaj new car RE60 in an auto exhibition.


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5 thoughts on “The World Cheapest Car Bajaj RE60 Will Be in Sri Lankan Market Soon

  1. Good effort and this type of car in a small family can be fitted in low budget and it might beat Nano and would give tougher competition to other compact cars. 

  2. excellent strive !!! Hope that will mark remarcable success in sales in Sri lanka better than India.having such a low budget car is a dream.I hope this would beat nano sale in Sri Lanka.actually this is revolusionary!!!!All the very best to Bajaj Company! keep it up

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