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Sri Lankan cinema will step into high tech era with Sumithra’s “Vaishnavee”

The Sri Lankan film industry will step into a high tech era with Sumithra Pieris’s newest film “Vaishnavee”. This will be the first Sri Lankan film to be filmed with the world’s most advanced digital motion picture camera known as the “RED EPIC”. The RED EPIC camera manufactured under the brand name RED is a highly advanced digital camera manufactured in the USA. The founder of the RED line of cameras Jim Jinnard created it with the focus of introducing the most advanced digital camera in the world. The RED EPIC comprises a list of endless features, enabling the camera to capture up to 120 frames per second, each frame at full 14MP resolution with 5k capturing. Pirates of the Caribbean, Angels and Demons, The Hobbit, You Don’t Get to 500 Million Friends without Making a Few Enemies and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, are few of the famous films used this high tech camera. Asia Digital Entertainment is the proud introducer of this camera to the Sri Lankan film industry.

Breaking a nearly four year silence since “Yahaluwo” Sumithra Pieris is once again joined with her legendary husband Dr.Lester James Pieris to bring “Vaishnavee” which will be her tenth film.

“The reason I decided to embark on making ‘Viashnavee’ is because film-making is my passion. It is something that I wanted to do and I was looking for a subject matter. Everyone else was going for contemporary aspects and post-war themes. I thought of taking a break from all that to seek a different subject matter “said Sumithra.

Speaking about the RED EPIC camera she said; “This camera has the ability to capture better high resolution images. You can use cinema lenses and filters and get very close to what you capture on film. It is easy to get an image through the electronic camera but it may not be image you are striving to capture. However you can view what you have captured immediately through the digital camera. You also have access to any number of takes. I am excited at the thought of doing that though we have been disciplined in a particular way through experience.”

Having been a pioneering force in the inception of Sri Lanka’s cinema industry, Dr. Lester James Peries has wrote the story of Vaishnavee, which is a name of a goddess in association with god Shiva. The star-studded cast and crew include “Yashoda Wimaladharma” playing the leading role while   Shehara Hawadewa and Samadi Arunachaya (Malee) will make their debut entrance to the Sri Lankan film industry.

“Dr. Lester James Peries and Mrs. Sumitra Peries have created Sri Lankan cinema,” said Lalinka Muthukumarana, Chief Operating Officer of Asia Digital Entertainment. “In 1956 Rekawa was the first Sri Lankan movie that was produced entirely within the country. It is considered the first 100 percent Sri Lankan-made movie. That is why we thought of inviting Dr. and Mrs. Peries to play such a pivotal role in the recreation and evolution of the Sri Lankan cinema industry towards digital technology. Likewise, Mr. Donald Karunaratne, the most experienced cameraman and director of photography in the country today, will handle the Red Epic. He too has adapted to and embraced the latest technology.”

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