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Sangakkara & Mahela’s Sea Food Restaurant

Two cricketing giants of Sri Lanka Mahela and Sanga have entered to the Food and Beverages industry with the opening of their new restaurant in Old Dutch Hospital in Fort. “Ministry of Crab” was the unusual name given for this restaurant which dedicated to serve the Sri Lanka’s finest export quality giant crabs to the food lovers of both Sri Lanka and to the rest of the world.

Ministry of Crab – was unveiled by co-owners Mahela Jayawardene and  Kumar Sangakkara with  Dharshan Munidasa ,the owner of the Japanese restaurant “Nihonbashi”. Dharshan is of mixed Japanese heritage as his mother is Japanese and she is the presenter of the TV show “Culinary Journeys with Dharsan” in ETV, which gained an immense popularity among the high society in Colombo. Mahela Jayawardne is the Chairman of the restaurant who was elected by coin toss, an unorthodox method which may not be followed by other corporate bodies. Mahela and Sanga are not merely the investors of the restaurant who just want to use their PR to promote the business and left the remaining to Dharshan and other staff members. The both of them are keen food lovers while Kumar loves to watch cooking shows on TV, as he admires the unique creativity needed to be a chef – a sort of creativity he feels his friend and co-owner of the restaurant Dharshan is able to provide to Ministry of Crab. Mahela said that the Chicken Curry Rice is one of his major contributions to the menu that Dharshan made for him during the cricket world cup matches played in Sri Lanka; it’s been one of his favorite dishes.

Ministry of Crab menu demonstrates various culinary influences – from Baked Crab, to the Singaporean classic Chili Crab, to our very own Sri Lankan Crab Curry. What’s more the ingredients used at the Ministry of Crab aren’t just the best, but also the freshest; think about it – there is no way these crabs can be served to you as fresh anywhere else in the world, in fact, it employs a no-freezer policy: “the only use we’ve found for freezers is to store our food refuse prior to disposal,” the owners say. Though crabs are undoubtedly the star attraction of Ministry of Crab, the owners will be serving a selection of other dishes, largely based on seafood in addition to alternatives – such as chicken and vegetable dishes.

“Ministry of Crab” Faces Legal Queries

According to recent news, this new business may have to face legal problems due to its unusual name. Secretary to the president Lalith Weeratunga has raised a legal point stating that it was totally against the law to use the word ministry for a private business. Only a government ministry or a religious body can use the name ministry according to the existing legal system of the country. According to Mr. Weeratunga, this restaurant has been allowed to use only the name Crab Corporation of Pvt. Ltd. The owners were introduced as “Crab Ministers” in their official web site, while the terms “The Gazette” and “Hanzard”were also used in the site which also may be violation of Parliamentary regulations. The matter was also been informed to the Western Provincial Council by Mr.Weeratunga.


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3 thoughts on “Sangakkara & Mahela’s Sea Food Restaurant

  1. Word ministry is not confined to governments or religious institutions. In England one of the most popular Night Clubs is called Ministry of Sound!Why do politicians in Sri Lanka have suddenly become SS or Stassi (East German Secret Police) to censor everything.

  2. I have studied in the “Commerce” stream in my A/L’s where we were taught that using the words “Sri Lanka, Ministry, National” etc for a private business is against the law. But the question remained that how they have able to register the name initially, because Registrar of Companies should have advice them if it’s against the law.

    The real joke is that this restaurant was opened by Basil Rajapaksha.

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