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Shihan Mihiranga’s Love Story & Official Wedding Images

Many Sirasa Super Stars slipped the ring on their sweet hearts during last few days. Sanka Dineth (Season 2) , Malith Perera (Season 1), Waruna Madhushanka (Season 1) and Shihan Mihiranga (Season 1) were the latest to tie the knot. We published the images of Malith and Sanka’s special day previously and you can find them here. Today we share Shihan Mihiranga’s official images of Shihans Wedding day and their love story.

It was a surprise to most of the artists in the field when they heard the news about Shihan’s wedding. Why Shihan kept it as a secret…

Only very few knew about my wedding day. I have many friends. If I invited I would have missed some and it is not nice. Also, I like to have a quiet life. I never wanted to have a big wedding. Shihan said.

Shihan was the prince in many girls’ dream loves. He is handsome, popular and talented. Who is the lucky girl ?

To cut a long story short, She is Geshni Clementa. Geshi is my first love. I sang “Clementina” song for her.

Shihan’s love story began in 2003 when they were studying in Kandana De Mazenod College.

I went to De Mazenod from Grade 1 and Geshi came to my school at grade 6 in 1999. I felt something special on the very first day I saw here. We were in love from 2003 and I was in grade 12 and Geshi was in grade 10 at that time. I was just a school boy and she loved me. Shihan shared how they first get to know.

Like any other teenage love, Shihan and Geshi love story also had many hurdles.

Geshis father was a teacher in our school. Those days I did not have a good reputation as a good student. Frankly, I had already been suspended from school three times. Shihan revealed.

Why was Shihan suspended from school….

Once we got the permission from school for a choir. Instead, we organized a musical night. Also my fashions were not entertained by my teachers very much. So I was suspended from school few times.

Shihan Answered.

How could you convince Geshni’s parents ?

I was changing with time and established my self. I showed that I have an aim in life. In any case, parents do not agree with school love affairs. At the end we both has our parents blessings for the wedding.

Shihan’s parents had to join his sister in Australia leaving Shihan alone in Sri Lanka. This was also another reason for them to have their wedding at this time. Shihan also owns a recording studio and conducts music class at his new home in Kandana. The couple did not go away for the honeymoon after the wedding ceremony at Nayakanda Catholic church. Instead they started to get settle in their home.

Dayan Vitharana was the official photographer of Shihan’s wedding day. Following are few of images as captured by Dayan on Shihan’s wedding day.

Shihan's Wedding official Images

Shihan's Wedding Photos by Dayan Vitharana

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