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Rawana -Hero or a Villain

Sri Lanka being one of the most influential countries in the world history, has a history that expands up to 30000 years and according to the various legends ,Sri Lanka is considered to be the Homeland of Rawana, the all mighty leader of the Yakkas, who is believed to have ruled the world with his might and power.It is believed that Rawana has kidnapped the beloved wife of Rama, the divine figure that comes in the chronicle of Maharamayanaya.

This mythology can be considered true as the Yakka tribe of Rawana is considered to be believed have existed even by the time of the Arrival of the prince Vijaya,after which the written history of Sri Lanka begins.By this time it is written that the existence of three tribal communities knowingly ,as Yakkas ,Nagas and average humans.So the Existence of the Rawana is confirmed according to various sources.

Rawana is considered as a villain in most Indian Sources. But as Sri Lankns we should be proud of Rawana ,who is believed to have ruled the world with his might with Lanka bhoomi as the centre of his administration.

He is believed to have had the technology that was used to build a vehicle known as “Dandumaonaraya” that was similar to an aero plane and the chronicles state places like wariya pola are primary example for the ports used for this transportation mode.

Having the technology that was really advanced just as the modern technology 30,000 years ago and having the power to rule the world is indeed an honour.Even though Indian literary sources describe The great Rawana as a villain,we should be strong enough to admire his strengths .So the next time someone calls Rawana a villain,Just think about it a more.

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