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Anusha Kodituwakku – Sri Lanka’s Hope For Next Olympic Medal

Other than cricket, Sri Lanka sport is not in its pinkest of health. There was a time we had god athletes like Susanthika Jayasinghe, Damayanthi Darsha, Sugath thilakarathna and Shriyani Kulawansha representing Sri Lanka team. They have retired now, and recently few sportsmen had to shorten their career due to positive urine tests. But now we have a new hope in the boxing ring. Anusha Kodituwakku is a woman boxer who has shown promising talent.

Anusha Kodituwakku, will be turning 34 later this year, has experience to secure an Olympic quota for the XXX Olympiad. The Sri Lankan Boxing Association’s main target is to send at least one athlete to the Olympic Games, making her participation a very important one for the South Asian country.

Kodituwakku underwent a similar AIBA-sponsored training program in 2010 prior to the World Championship – and the benefits were reflected in her performance in Barbados.  “Obviously, three weeks of training under world class coaches is going to do Anusha a world of good – and the timing of this training could not have been better: she returns from Wales (on March 11) and then flies out to Mongolia (on March 15) for the Asian Championship,’’ said Dhilhara Seimon, Manager of the team and ABA committee member. “Her real test, however, is in the Olympic qualifier in May (9th-20th) in China. We’re hoping she succeeds in Mongolia and so boost her own confidence for the Olympic qualifier.’’

Anusha who is Sri Lanka’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships quarter-finalist has been invited by the world body to attend its Road to London training program in Wales, from Feb 18 –March 10. She is one of seventeen women boxers who AIBA considers “potential medalists” from the developing countries. The basis for the 32-year Sri Lankan’s selection was her impressive performance in the 2010 World Championships in Barbados, winning three fights to enter the quarterfinals. She is also three-time Asian Championship bronze medalist.

Anusha is a past pupil of Narangoda MV who got her fists into gloves in her early twenties as a pioneer woman boxer in the year 2003. She has achieved some noteworthy feats in the international ring which includes finishing fifth in last year’s World Championships in Barbados defeating Vietnam and Russia. Anusha is one of the remarkable athletes of Sri Lanka, who grew under the caring eyes of Dian Gomes a transformational business leader who turned around the odds for men and women across rural hamlets in Sri Lanka, at the same time building one of the most powerful business brands with global recognition

As part of the AIBA Road to London initiative, this two-stage project will begin this month in Cardiff, Wales, Great Britain as the world gears up for the 30th Olympiad, the London 2012 Olympic Games.One of the most defining initiatives launched by AIBA in recent years has been this Road to London project, which as part of AIBA’s development work, offers athletes and coaches from underprivileged and developing countries the opportunity not only to participate in major AIBA events but also to attend intensive training camps in the build-up. Since 2009, AIBA offers prior to each of its World Championships, airline tickets, accommodation, local transportation, meals, training bases and equipment as well as instructors for both boxers and coaches. This next step in this project now focuses on preparations for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Within this context, AIBA oversees and fully funds all aspects of this initiative. The overall aim is for boxers and coaches alike to not only develop their skills but also their knowledge of boxing.

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