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Jacqueline Fernandez Goes Back To 1920’s

Colombo Jewelery Stores unveiled their new campaign amid all pomp and grandeur. The gala event was held in Colombo during January with Jacqueline Fernandez, former Miss. Sri Lanka, and now an award winning Bollywood actress, graced the occasion as the Brand Ambassador for the prestigious Colombo Jewelery Store that had it campaign theme ‘inspired by the roaring 20’s’ to celebrate their fruitful legacy of 90 years.

Jacqueline Fernandez was the epitome of elegance as she honored the event, dressed in befitting styles of the 1920’s-an era that defined the highest sense of fashion and established itself as the age of style and elegance. Perfect in every way, from her hair-do and makeup to her eye catching dress and entrance, Jacqueline Fernandez espoused the timeless grace and elegance that have always been the foundation of Colombo Jewellery Stores.

Speaking at the grand occasion, Jacqueline Fernandez said, “I’m most honoured to be here as the brand ambassador for CJS at yet another hallmark unveiling of designer jewellery, because I have always strongly believed that beauty is not simply about what you see, but about what is deep within. And that CJS has displayed in abundance, being very unchanging in its brand values and brand promise.”

Jacqueline Fernandez was the personification of beauty, charm and glamour and she looked pertinently stunning in a 1920’s designed gown, bold makeup and her elaborately styled hair, not to mention the intricately designed jewellery, giving the unmistakable aura, reminiscent of the roaring 20’s.

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