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Achieve your youth passion through HNB ‘Yauwanabhimana’

Youth is a National asset, which represents the future of a Nation. By providing with the right tools and opportunities, youth talent and potential can be cultivated to create incredible success. A new chapter in the history of Sri Lankan youth begun with the launch of “Yauwanabhimana” the first youth empowerment program under the umbrella of HNB. “We need to prevent the uprisings that Sri Lanka experienced in the past by offering the youth to embark on a journey to realize their full potential. The aspirations of young people could be fuelled through initiatives such as Yauwanabhimana and that could change their mindset to go beyond expectations,” HNB Marketing and Retail Deputy General Manager Chandula Abeywickrama said.

What exactly is Yauwanabhimana?

Yauwanabhimana programme, offers individuals between 18 and 30 years access to a host of empowerment options. They have on board with them a range of reputed institutions such as Hayleys, Dialog, CIC, DIMO, Holcim, British Council, the University of Colombo and the World University Society Canada, who have come together to guide you towards your greatest future. These organizations will provide you with numerous opportunities, including internships, knowledge sharing and exposure to their operations, in order to set you apart in the eyes of employers.

What the objectives of Yauwanabhimana programme?

*To give you the opportunity to build connections with top corporations in Sri Lanka

*To inform and educate you on possible career opportunities

*To provide market connections to those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit

*To educate you on industry best practices via knowledge sharing sessions with corporate partners

*To provide you with Financial Education programmes to help you manage your financial future

*To provide you with personal development programmes to enhance your personality and social conduct

*To provide English Language training programmes to develop your future employability


What is the HNB’s role in this programme?

HNB has introduced range of products under the brand name of Yauwanabhimana, combining savings, lending and insurance to build your assets, and to fulfill your development needs by creating financial literacy.

This collection of services, specially designed with your needs in mind, will empower you with financial stability, flexibility and security.

Yauwanaabimana Facilities

Savings Account

Open a Yauwanabhimana savings account with a minimum deposit of Rs.1000/- and start savings for the future.

Personal Loans

Get a Yauwanabhimana Personal Loan, between Rs. 50,000/- and Rs.750,000 to meet any personal requirement or emergency.

Vehicle Loans

We know you need to travel for business and that’s why Yauwanabhimana vehicle loans can help you buy a vehicle with a loan between Rs.500,000/- and Rs. 7,000.000/-

Micro Finance Loans

Start your own business with a micro finance loan from Yauwanabhimana that offers loans up to Rs. 1 Million.

Education Loans

Pursue your higher education in Sri Lanka or abroad with a Yauwanabhimana education Loan.

Housing Loans

Build, buy or complete your house with a helping hand from Yauwanabhimana that offers housing loans at attractive interest rates.

Insurance Cover also available

And there’s more. In collaboration with their corporate partners, HNB has organized youth development workshops island-wide to give you English language training and exposure to a variety of industries, including mechanical engineering, telecommunication, construction and agriculture. This will refine your skill and develop your ability to be successful in a professional environment.

It’s time to achieve your potential. Become a part of the Yauwanabhimana programme, and meet your dreams head-on.

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