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Centigradez Udaya Sri Wedding – Photos & Video

The wedding of popular artist Udaya sri of the Centigradez band was held 26th of January 2012. The lovely bride of Udaya is Vindya Witharana. Udya Sri has released few solo songs apart from his band Centigradez before his marriage.

They were dating for almost seven years before tying the knot with blessings of the parents. Udaya wore a national suite with a golden yellow scarf and Vindya was simply beautiful in a traditional Osariya. The couple exchanged vows in front of large gathering of relatives and friends which included many of Udaya’s friend in the music field.

The wedding were Shakya studio was the official photographer. Following are few of the most beautiful shots from the day.





Udaya Sri and Vindya Wedding Video

Here is a video compilation of the beautiful moment of Udaya and Vindya’s dream day.

The latest news revealed that he was resigned from Centigradez and opened a new music company under the name “Swadesh Music”. His bride Ms Vindya Witharana is the manager of his new company.

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