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Lodge a Complaint to Police Using SMS

Now Sri Lankan public can report or make a complaint to Sri lanka police using their mobile phones. This service is a pilot project currently underway in the Southern Province. This project has been introduced to Sri Lanka as a concept to establish community police service by Asia Foundation. Government of Scotland has also come forward to fund this project while Aisa Foundation has sponsored this initiative by providing necessary computer soft wears and computers.

D.I.G. Lalith Jayasingha
D.I.G.Lalith Jayasingha

In the recent past, the relationship between Sri lanka police and the public was not in good shape. Police officers are in a position of public trust. Many recent incidences where this trust was broken have led to an atmosphere of hostility between the police and the public. Politicians influence on the police is also affecting the honesty of police officers. Senior Deputy Inspector General of Southern province Lalith Jayasingha is a one rare exception who has won the public trust and confidence. D.I.G Lalith Jayasingha is the main officer leading this pilot project on behalf of Sri Lanka police.

This project is inspired by the “Complaint Box’ concept in India. Currently this text messaging police service is available in Sothern province and all the complaints are received by D.I.G. Lalith Jayasingha. He has also gone an extra mile by connecting his mobile phone to this SMS system to make sure that police can take immediate actions to SMS complaints.

What you can SMS to Police:

This SMS police service is open to receive any information and injustice within the Southern province. Following are few examples when you can notify the Police using text messages.

  • Injustice from a Police or Police Officer – Eg: Refusing to accept complaints, delaying to take action against illegal activities.
  • Child abuse – Eg: Physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse children.
  • Harming the environment – Eg: Incidence of Illegal river sand mining, destroying forest, etc.
  • Breaching traffic laws – Eg: Public busses not adhering to the speed limit, Illegal parking of vehicles.
  • Women abuse – Eg: Incidences of women abuse in public transport services.

Unlike when making a phone call, sending a SMS to police can be done without any other person’s attention. This is one of the main advantages of this service. D.I.G Lalith Jayasinha also encourage the public to notify any illegal incidence or injustice to through this service to him and he assure the confidentiality of all the informants.

Since the introduction of this SMS complaint service, D.I.G Laith Jayasingha has been able to intervene in many special situations. Majority of the complaints that have been forwarded include reporting about the commercial sex workers, selling of adult videos and child abuse.

How you can report to Police using SMS:

You can send a test message to the phone number 0777-592059 with a brief summary of the incidence. Also you can contact D.I.G. Lalith Jayasingha through his mobile phone 0773-23230. We hope this project will be successful and available in all the police areas of Sri Lanka soon.


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