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May 29, 2015

Sonu Nigam Concert in Sri lanka – Photos

By Sandakalum - Sun Feb 19, 4:22 am

Update : More Images by Manush Silva :

As clearly evident in these images by photographer Manush Silva, most of Sri Lankan  artists have been there at Sonu Nigam Live in Concert. Please note that the following gallery has 50 images and they are in three pages. You will also find more images below when you are in the first page of following gallery. Click on the small image to enlarge.

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Previously Published Images of Sonu Nigam’s Show, His Media Conference and Arrival:

(If you do not see the image gallery please go back to page 1 of above photo gallery. We apologize for the inconvenience)

He is the voice of more than 1800 Hindi film songs, Sonu Nigam Live in Concert was held 18th night at CH & FC ground. Sonu Nigam entertained Sri lankan fans with his famous songs. Here is a collection of the images from Sonu Nigam live in concert 2012 in Colombo.

Read our previous article on Sonu Nigam Live in Concert Here. You can enlarge the image by clicking on the thumbnail images.

Sonu Nigam arrived in Sri lanka on two days earlier. Mrs. Sudarma Neththikumara who is organizing this event was at the Airport to welcome the great singer from India. Sonu Nigam was accompanied by his wife, son and parents. Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan also a talented singer and he has become an Youtube sensation with his “Why this kolaveri di” kids version.

Subsequently, A press conference was held at Colombo Taj Samudra Hotel.

Sonu Nigam Live in Concert Colombo Videos


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    Love this guy! I feel that God / Nature has given the gift of amazing voice….

    Hope he will come for another concert……..

    Love Love Love …incredible vocals

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