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Nehara and Menaka – Photo Gallery

The famous Tele Drama couple Nehara and Menaka are now in USA for the shooting of latest Tele Drama “Adaraneeya Niagara”. We have published some photos of the couple earlier when they arrived in USA.

According to news, the couple spent most of the time together in and out of the location. Recently they made a visit to Niagara Falls in New York. Niagara Falls is a lovers destination, and winter whether in North America always need more than winter clothes.

These images are clear evidence that it is no more a secret and they are not bothered by media reports about their personal life. According to rumors, Nehara has got the divorce. Life has to move on; They are well matching by look and wish they will have a good family life with mutual understanding. We open this gallery of images for Nehara & Menka and we will be updating it with their images.

Rumors started to spread about them following media leaks of Nehara and Nirmal’s fights. Nehara told media that She has sought legal advice for divorce about six months back, and there were rumors that Nirmal (Nehara’s former husband) has deleted content from Nehara’s Facebook fan page. Nehara’s Facebook fan page was one of the most popular among Sri Lankans and she had more than 100,00 fans. Later it was reported that Menaka has also filed for divorce but still we do not have reliable information.


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