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Acne out with wonders of ayurvedic beauty care

Acne, scientifically Acne vulgaris has become a major issue in current days,The adverse effects can be the main reason why acne is this much highlighted in the society.

Nowadays with the aggregated advertising power for beauty culture everybody is interested in having a beautiful,clean,fair face.Abruptly the male percentage is also rocketed with same intentions.This can be very humane with the fascinating effects u get with a beautiful face.

This reminds me a story of a girl who dreamt to be a stewardess for a leading air line and how few pimples just ruined her dream.Apart from all these just imagine how irritating it would be when people ask you why you get acne and why you don’t do something about it ,every time you meet them?

Does acne put your self esteem down?

It is funny that almost all the Indian acne out cream advertisements shows that you can be a singer ,an actress,a hostess and you can even get your dream guy or gal with acne free skin.It shows, you lack self esteem when you are with acne,and when you get rid of it you can do almost anything.The ultimate truth is the above concept is not 100%false.So does acne really affect our youth who are capable of doing wonders in order to fulfill the demands of the country.

The major contribution towards this condition is that abiding and not following the correct medication at the correct time.”just ignore it ,it’s a package which comes with the age due to hormonal changes,when you pass the relevant period of age you’ll be OK”,heard so many blind faith statements on acne like this.But it is not a thing to be ignored if you really do care about your self.Because you might be aware the scars can not be moved very easily just through applications,it might lead you to go through many costly,harmful clinical treatments.

With Ayurvedic treatment you get medication for the current situation as well as it prevents getting acne back.Different acne lesions such as comedones,papules,nodules and pustules can be controlled with the least amount of adverse effects.

In Ayurvedic treament the significance is that the treatment plan followed by the Ayurvedic doctors with internal and external medication.Blood purification drugs plays a main role in treatment which are 100%natural.Medication and the dose differ according to the person’s body constitution and the severity of the lesion.

External medication initiates with liquids used to wash face.Several natural packs with noble Ayurvedic substances to cure acne,preventing it getting back,for anti-marks and for skin lightening and fairness is being used

Ayurvedic home treatment for Pimples

Here is a small ayurvedic remedy which you can do at home.

  • Take a bowl of warm water and add one tea spoon of venivel powder to it.
  • Wash your face for 5-10 minutes with this.Then make your own pack as follows.
  • Use one tea spoon of loth sumbul powder,one tea spoon of vadakaha powder and one tea spoon of coriander[ koththamalli ]powder, mix them together with warm water,apply and keep for 30minutes,wash off with warm water.

You will realize a difference in your face as soon as you wash off the pack.Do this once a weak.For severe lesions same can be used twice a weak.

In order to get the maximum results it is a must you get the proper external as well as the internal medication together.It will then definitely say yatsy to your dream face which will lead you to miraculous achievements of life with good self esteem

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

12 thoughts on “Acne out with wonders of ayurvedic beauty care

  1. Great! Thanks for giving us a home treatment. I guess that would be really helpful to young people who like to have an acne free face and a clear skin too.. Give us more different treatments for the same issue..I’m sure people like to know them because it is so easy to do at home. Good work! keep it up!!

    1. Thank you.And it so important that you clean your face more frequently and avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible.Take one tea spoon of turmeric powder with one tea spoon of lime juice mix and apply all over your face and neck for more results

  2. What are the “internal” medications for acne in Ayuveda?

    I am pretty sure, girls like us who have damn irritating acne find this very helpful

    Why not a give a try ah! Trial and error experimentation … for those bit fussy about
    trying Aryuvedic medicine….

    So it would be helpful if the author can suggest us any home remedies that we can simply
    make and use that is safe for our skin….

    some of the stuff the author mentioned in the article are not available for me..:(


    1. I hope you can find medicinal turmeric powder,If so take one tea spoon of the powder add one tea spoon of lime juice mix them and apply all over the face and body.Leave for 30 minutes and wash off,but remember you should not scrub your face

  3. I am a worse case of Acne sufferer. I used to use lot of western medication. I was also on oral antibiotics and living in Sri Lanka I bought them at will from the pharmacies and used for number of years. 
    Also I was given enough advises from uncle and aunties. Some of them asked me to wipe my face with unwashed hand after eating rice and curry. I applied sudu handun in my face with lemon juice. I washed my face to reduce oil with Sunlight soap as I felt some dryness with the use of it.

    So I was doing all these bad practices and ultimately got lot of scars and pigmentation of face. 

    I recommend the teens who have this issue to be patient as you will out grow this. Ayurvedic medication will not be harmful if you follow the instructions properly as given by the doctor.

    1. So far ayurvedic medication for acne has given good  results as the drugs and applications are supported with a good diet plan.Traditional rituals like wiping off face with unwashed hands will worsen the situation rather than solving the issue out.In Current days ayurvedic medication work hand in hand  with science and technology in order to cure an ailment.As you have mentioned it is true this situation will be pacified with age,but my advice is not to go along in that path.As soon as you get acne it is better to get medication in order to prevent bad damage to your face.Appreciate your concern towards this and yes patience is needed in treating acne.

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