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Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity

Everyone loves eating. But have you ever thought that excessive food intake can lead you to low life expectancy?

What is Obesity ?
Obesity is a condition when your Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 30kgm2 due to excessive fat storage in your body. Furthermore obesity can be classified as,

Severity Body Mass Index – BMI
Class (1) Obesity 30-34.9 Kgm-2
Class (II) Obesity 35-39.9 Kgm-2
Class (III) Obesity 40 kgm-2

Let’s learn how to check your Body Mass Index. BMI is calculated by dividing the body weight in Kilogram by the square of height in meters. For example let’s take a person with a weight of 80 Kg and height of 1.5 m.

BMI = Body Weight in Kg/(Height in meters)2

= 80 Kg/(1.5 m x 1.5 m)

= 35.6 Kgm-2

So this person is a person with Class (II) Obesity.

What Causes Obesity ?

The general causes are

  • Excessive amount of fat and sugar intake (It says food such as sugar, sugar cane, milk, curd and other dairy products, meat, vivid meat soups cause obesity.)
  • Less physical activities (It is significant that ancient ayurvedic books highlight, people who sleep more often in the day time as well as who are less interested in working an intercourse become obese substantially)
  • Also it is identified that there can be a genetic susceptibility for obesity (There can be several members in the family who are obese)

Adverse effects of obesity:

It is very important to know why you need to restrain obesity. As stated earlier it does reduce your life span.Other than that people with obesity are more prone to get Cardio vascular diseases, High blood pressure, Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Subfertility, Depression in women, Malodour in Sweat, Stretch marks on the skin.

What are the treatment for obesity in Ayurveda Medicine?

In ayurvedic medicine, obesity is controlled by internal drugs which are a mixture of outstanding natural substances. The ancient ayurvedic text book “charaka samhitha” declares 6 noble facts to get rid of obesity. Those are Exercise, Intercourse, Walking, Using old honey, avoiding sleep during day time.

Another ancient ayurvedic book called “Bhava Prakasha” says utilization of vivid serials, medicinal fumes and bloodletting by leaches will prevent obesity. Both books describe anti-obesity drugs which reduces appetite and fat absorption in the body ,and drugs which should be scrubbed on skin to prevent malodor of sweat.

Here are two small remedies which you can do at home to lose weight.
1. Mix one tea spoon of bee’s honey in a glass of water. Honey that you use should be old. Drink a glass of water prepared like this every morning.

2. Use the liquid which is left while you cook rice . Add salt to it and drink every evening. This is the popular “Lunu Kanda mixture’

As I mentioned earlier, Malodor of the body is a complication of obesity. Here is a small remedy from Ayurveda.

To start with apply Aralu (Terminalia chebula) powder all over the body and scrub before bath. There are other decoctions, tablets and powders used by Ayudrveda doctors to control the problem in Obese.

I hope you will start today to enjoy a healthy, long life with a beautiful figure which no one misses to stare at.

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

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