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Invest In Gold With A Sri lankan Bank

Investment In Gold

Gold has been used as a form of money throughout the history. The price of this precious metal is increasing almost every single day. Investment of Gold is the most popular as an investment on commodities. Investing on Gold usually needs some capital and knowledge of the investment market. Now Sri lankans can invest on Gold safely due to the introduction of Gold Savings by a renowned Sri lankan Bank.

Gold Savings

For  the  1st  time in the history of banking in Sri Lanka, NDB Bank allows customers to save in Gold!With  NDB Gold Savings (Raththaran Savings), you can pay in installments – either in 12, 18 or 24 months and own gold tomorrow at today’s price. All  you will have to do is purchase Gold from NDB Bank  and settle the cost in installments of your choice. At the end of the stipulated time period, you will own the Gold. No matter how much it increase over the period, you only have to pay the amount agreed upon at the beginning of the transaction. This  groundbreaking  product  will  be  available at all NDB Bank branches island-wide.

Let’s look at how you can earn money from Gold Savings. Following table shows the gold price fluctuation overview in the last five years.



$ /LKR









 2,321. 62































* ozt= troy ounze => international unit of measuring pure gold =>31.1034768 grams

24k Gold Coin = 7.77g

I know it is a complicated table. But I want you to concentrate on the last column and first and last raws of the  table. Retrospectively, If you bought 100g of gold biscuits in 2007 it would have cost you Rs. 232,162. At the end of five years in 2011 (See the last raw of the table) value of Gold has increased and you can sell your 100g of Gold biscuit for 565,745.

What is NDB Bank and is it safe to invest in Gold savings

National Development Bank of Sri Lanka (NDBSL) was established under an act of Parliament in 1979 as a fully state-owned licensed specialized bank. The main aim of establishing NDB bank was to provide long term project financing to the private and public sectors. NDB Bank was positioned in the prestigious Business Today Top Twenty Awards ranking which recognizes the cream of Sri Lankan corporate for their exceptional performance throughout the past year. NDB has won the Prestigious National Business Excellence Award, for the second consecutive year for proving innovative solutions with ‘best in industry’ service. Fitch Ratings Lanka also reaffirmed the bank’s National long-term rating of ‘AA (lka)” reflecting the bank’s “strong financial profile in terms of its high capital base.

Few Other Innovative Products of NDB Bank

1. Interest Free Loan for Saving Account holders

New Vishmitha Saving Account at NDB bank enables depositors to get interest free loans. All of us have long term goals for which we save up. On the other hand, there are things we would like to spend on right now, to enhance our lives. Vishmitha saving accounts will make both possible by offering interest free loans.

You can open a Vishmitha saving account with an initial deposit of Rs. 2,000. This saving account has a super high interest rate of 4.5% and there is no restrictions on withdrawals. Main of feature of this account is that you are eligible to get a 75% of your saving as an interest free loan at the end of one year. The loan will be re-playable in 12 equal monthly installments.  Importantly, getting a loan would not have any impact on your full saving balance and interest.

2.Leasing with No Guarantors or Down Payments.

NDB Bank revolutionizes the leasing industry! Now, with NDB Leasing, you do not need guarantors or down payments to obtain a lease facility. What’s more, you can drive away with your vehicle on the same day.NDB Leasing offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment plans that extend up to 6 years.

NDB leasing provides best interest in the market at a 14.25% minimum. NDB leasing deliver fast and flexible service to their leasing clients. They also get a discount on insurance at NDB.  Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business enterprises, Corporate clients and Salaried employees are entitled to get the benefit of this innovative product.

We have prepared this article based on the published information by NDB bank. We are not affiliate with NDB.  NDB and their products name are copy righted under their name. Our main aim is to share these investment and saving opportunities; We hope it will be helpful to plan your future investments.

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