• Wijaya Nandasiri Celebrates 46th Anniversary with“Wijayaanandaya”

    He is the ‘Comedy Star’ in the silver screen and in the Television, a talented singer, a producer and one of the best stylized drama actors in Sri Lanka. A versatile actor who can performs a serious, a comedy or a stylized act in a single frame. Born in 1944 in a family of three […]

  • Sinister Campaign against Dilshan

    A sinister campaign has been orchestrated by the English and Indian media camps to drag dashing Sri Lankan opening batsman Thilekaratna Dilshan in to a match fixing fiasco involving Bollywood actress Nupur Mehta. The sole aim of this mudslinging is to mentally demoralise the former Sri Lankan cricket captain and his team ahead of the […]

  • Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Common Menstrual Disorders

    Menstruation is a normal physiological condition during the fertile period of a woman. Menstruation is part of the reproductive function of humans and most women are well adopted to regular flow. However, some women experience abnormal cycle which can affect their life style. In this article, we discuss about the common menstrual disorders and few […]

  • Entertainment
    A Tribute to Anton Jude

    He was a comedian, a singer and a talented stage and tale drama actor who has gained immense popularity in the silver screen recently, yet he was the simplest, kind hearted and down to earth person in the art field with a sincere sense of humor. Anton Jude Gomes said bid adieu to all his […]

  • Finance
    Past and Present Wealthiest of Sri Lanka

    Ever wondered who is the richest person in Sri Lanka ? We all know about the world’s richest list but we never heard of a proper list of Sri lankan richest. Most of the wealthiest in the past were exemplary philanthropists. In this article we talk about few past and present wealthiest people in Sri […]

  • Entertainment
    Maxwell Mendis – Creative Performer of Sri lankan Music

    It was end of 60’s and beginning of 70’s, when Sri Lankan group music started to bloom in the music industry. At the time, the fabulous three sisters and humble Dharmadasa brothers were the emerging musical siblings clung together as groups in the country. During that period, EP Platinum Disk Producer, Mr. Gerald Wickramasuriya brought […]

  • Specials
    Featured Videos of LHM

    This page is dedicated to Lanka Help Magazine’s featured videos. We will be showcasing one important video in our home page. This page will list all the previously featured videos as we do believe these videos are really of use and of interest to us as Sri Lankans. Also, you will find quick links to […]

  • Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Natural Ayurveda Treatment

    Stetch marks of the skin are a common occurrence which affect the skin raising cosmetic concerns.  Stretch marks are, most of the time, not due to a serious health condition but a result of excessive weight gain or pregnancy. Body areas with tendency to get more fat deposit like buttocks, hips, thighs, breast, abdomen are […]

  • Important Facts about “Rajya Osusala”

    We live in an era when the quality of the medical products and services are frequently in question. Recent report also revealed that there are thousands pharmacies which run without the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Multinational drug companies are not only controlling the pharmaceutical market but also they have made all the attempts for […]

  • Entertainment
    Neela Wickramasinghe’s ‘Master Sir’ at Nelum Pokuna Theatre

    She uses her flexibility of voice in measuring up the emotional and sentimental value of the melody, yet not forgetting to touch the upper ranges with perfect Sinhalese pronunciation and also maintaining her voice color in western music compositions. She is none other than Neela Wickramasinghe, the signature of Sri Lankan female voice. Neela Wickramasinghe […]

  • Health
    Ayurveda Treatment for Common Women’s Health Issues

    The Head of the Gynecological department of Institute of Indigenous medicine and consultant in Rajagiriya ayurveda teaching hospital Dr.Kaumadi Karunagoda plays a tremendous role in treating women’s disease.  Dr.Karunagodai is a well experienced aurveda doctor and  see patients at Rajagiriya ayurveda hospital. She obtained her first degree in ayurveda medicine (Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and […]

  • Lesser Known Facts about Dinesh Chandimal

    Lokuge Dinesh Chandimal,one of the most crowd attracted young cricketers in Sri Lanka. He is one of the new emerging hopes for Sri Lankan Cricket.With his right handed stylish batting, he has been able to establish himself as a bright prospect for the Sri Lankan cricket.  Chandimal  has already represented Sri Lanka in all format […]

  • Get a Free Mobile Connection at Airport – Exclusively for Migrant Workers

    Thousands of Sri lankans work abroad. Most of them travel frequently in and out of the country.  It is imperative to have a mobile calling connection when you arrive at the airport to make connections with the family as soon as possible. Migrants workers contribute to Sri lanka economy and development immensely. In recognition of […]

  • Tanya Minoli Perea the Woman behind Lasith Malinga

    Separamadu Lasith Malinga or “Slinga Malinga” is the most unusual fast bowler ever in the Cricketing history with tons of records under his name. With his rare round arm action sometimes referred to as a sling action he has hunted almost all the super batsmen in the cricket world today. Anyone who love cricket knows […]

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