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Ayurvedic treatment for fibroids

Identifying fibroids in uterus is much more important as it should be distinguished from the other menstrual problems you have in order to treat them effectively. The number of women who visits ayurvedic hospitals seeking natural treatment has dramatically increased in recent time.  Most of these presentations of women diseases are curable with Ayurveda treatment. Today I will try to explain how simple Ayurveda medical intervention can give a relief to a woman who is having fibroids in Uterus.

Fibroids are kind of tumors that grow out of muscles in the womb (Uterine smooth muscles). Fibroids can occur at any time during the period of puberty [starting of menstruation] to menopause.  Women with fibroids commonly present at around the age of 30. The most common symptoms are excessive pain in lower abdomen, irregular and heavy menstrual bleeding, and enlarging lower abdomen if the fibroids are large. On the other hand fibroids can present in uterus without any of these symptoms. Sub-fertility is  also common with fibroids in the uterus.

When a patient is presented with these symptoms, the doctor will take a history of the presenting symptoms and other related medical, gynecological and obstetric history of the patient. As this illness related to reproductive tract and medical interviewing is the most vital part of diagnosis, your doctor has to ask few questions about your menstruation,  pregnancies, sexual life, etc. Good clinician is able to identify uterine tumors by a vaginal examination. Ultra sound examination of lower abdomen and pelvis can confirm the diagnosis of fibroids along with important information about number of fibroids, size of the fibroids, and location with in the uterus.

A fibroid can occur due to hormonal imbalances, genetic causes and exposure to chemical environments. Oestrogen hormone stimulate the growth of fibroids. As a result, fibroids enlarge more rapidly during pregnancy due to  elevated level of oestrogen in the body.  Fibroids in pregnancy can give rise to many complications including recurrent abortions, growth retardation, premature delivery, malpresentations, prolonged delivery and heavy bleeding after delivery of the baby.

Ayurveda tratment for uterine fibroids

Surgery is a main method of treating fibroids in allopathic medicine. Also they will use hormone suppressive treatments.  However Ayurveda treatment for fibroids aims at dissolving the tumor with out surgery and non hormonal medications which show less adverse effects.

Ayurvedic teaching hospital in Rajagiriya conduct clinics for common women’s disease. Ayurveda doctors who are specialist in the field of women disease serve the patients with medication and necessary advice. It has been found that 2-3% of women with fibroids present with subfertility. Ayurveda treatment is specially useful for this group of patients as  it preserve the uterus and normal hormonal function of the body. These woman will also be prescribed medication to enhance the conceiving when they are ready to undergo a pregnancy.

One of the main treatment that have been in the use to treat fibroid is “sarshapadi” oil. This oil can be applied on lower  abdomen. Sarshpadi oil is available in Ayurvedic hospitals and ayurveda drug stores all over the country. This oil has the scraping and dissolving effect which reduces the size of the tumor.The dose and the type of the internal medications are prescribed by the doctors according to the size and the severity of the condition.  It is also important to treat the patient symptomatically until tumor resolve. For example Ayurveda doctor will prescribe some medications which will reduce the bleeding due to fibroids.

Even though fibroids is a benign condition with  very remote chance of turning in to be a cancer, it is really a troublesome condition with symptoms like lower abdominal pain, irregular and heavy bleeding. Once a diagnosis  is made you can start applying Sarshapadi oil in the lower abdomen with upward massage for at least ten minutes.

Blood loss due to excessive bleeding can give rise to anemia ( low blood/hemoglobin in the body). Anemia can give rise to feeling of weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath on exertion, raising heart rate, pale skin, etc. So it is vital to have a good nutritious diet which include enough iron. Iron is very important to produce new blood cells in the body. Following dietery supplements are advised in Ayurveda to increase iron level in the body.

1. Ashwagandha Kanji.
The main ingredient is Ashwagandha leaves (Also known as Amukkara leaves). Using a blender get an extract of Ashwagandha leaves. Add coconut milk and bowl of cooked rise to this extract and mix them together. Then get this mixture cook for 5-10 minuted in low-medium heat. You can add salt to taste before removing it from cooking.

2. Take two ripe bananas add 1 tea spoon of honey to this. Mix together. This not only increase body iron level but also honey can enhance immune system of the body.

3. Also, add iron rich foods to your regular diet. Beet,spinach,soya beans, apple, almonds are iron rich vegetarian foods. Also red meat, fish and poultry provides heme iron. Iron absorption can be enhanced by including a source of vitamin C in your meal. Cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice and grape fruits are few vitamin C rich foods.

In conclusion, there are Ayurveda medication to treat fibroids without invasive intervention or hormonal medications.

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

13 thoughts on “Ayurvedic treatment for fibroids

  1. Dear Dr. Thilini,
    I have been married for 5 years and do not have any children. I have consulted a gynecologists and he said that I have multiple fibroids in my uterus. Apparently they are big fibroids and he advised me to remove them and also mentioned that there is a risk of bleeding. If bleeding occurs doctor might have to remove the uterus entirely. So if this happen I may not be able to have children in my life.
    I have not yet gone to see a Ayurveda doctor to get help for this problem. I would appreciate if you can advise me.

    1. I suggest you to meet Dr.Kaumadi.She visits the Borella Ayurvedic teaching hospital every friday.She has lots of attention towards her patients and she will surely help you.In such cases western and ayurvedic treatment has to go hand in hand,we cannot entirely refuse one method of treatment.Have faith.

  2. Dear Dr Thilini

    I’m unmarried and in 33 years. I was asked to do a abdominal ultra sound scan as my father is having policysit in kidney. Though the kidney is normal it is found that the uterus is enlarged with multiple fibroids (largest is 8.5 cm in posterior wall ). I consulted a gynaecologist and asked me to do surgery after marriage. I don’t have any paining or any symptoms yet. Will it be an incumbrance for marriage. Will you please advice me how to face this situation and how to do Ayurvedic treatment.

  3. Doctor I have 2 fibroids of 40mm & 30 mm size they are subserousal fibroids. Doctor says surgery is required. I dont think so & not ready for it. Can it be dissolved by Ayurvedic treatment.
    Please suggest.
    I am in India.

  4. Dear Dr.
    I have 3 fybroids . one is large size.Doctors say surgery is rquired.I did not ready for it.I’am some bleeding since last 2 weeks & now.Can be dissolved by aurvedic treatements.How can I meet & contact…..tell me doctor..

  5. Dear dr, I am 29 years old and I have 4 fibroids . largest one is 4 cm. others are less than 2 cm. I was trying to make a baby since 7 months.but I couldn’t. i live in poland and doctors force me for operation. But I don’t want to got operation. Please tell me that is there any possibility to shrink the fibroids by ayurvedic treatments. all fibroids are inside the muscle cavity in uterus. they are not reach to the endometrium layer yet.. please help me.

    1. Hi,It is important to go through your reports from the very first one.But nothings imposibble.First you get all your reports in order.Do you have ayurvedic practitioners in Poland?.Talk to them.Ayurveda do have medicine which can dissolve fibroids.Let me know the situation in Poland.If you are visiting Sri Lanka Dr.Dayani Siriwardene and Dr.Kaumadi Karunagoda are the current ayurvedic experts for this.

  6. Dear Dr Thilini,

    I am 48 years old, I have been diagnosed with multiple fibroids largest being 16cm. The fibroids are in uterus, ovaries. Surgery has been recommended but I am not keen. There is no discomfort as such accept for having a pregnant looking belly and heavy menses.

    Please advice of any alternative that would resolve the issue. I was also diagnosed with high estrogen and MRI scan was done on the putuitary gland for any growth none was found.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  7. Hi 
    Im 38yrs old. I have endometriosis problems. I had operated 5 yrs back. Again cyst formate.
    Im looking for good advise.

  8. Dr.Thilini,
    My wife also have multi fibroid.she is not keen to go surgery We live in Kandy. please advice me..

    Thanking you.
    Best Regards,

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