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‘Digu desa dutuwama’ The Most Popular Music Video of the Year – Derana Music Video Awards 2011

‘Digu desa dutuwama hangenawa perasema is the most downloaded song in the internet these days. The romantic video, touching lyrics, exquisite melody make it a hit song that embraced by the music lovers of all the age groups. In the recently concluded ‘Derana Music Video Awards 2011’ this song won the award for the Most Popular Music Video for the year 2011.

Speaking about this song the singer and the music composer of this song Romesh Sugathapala said;

‘I received tremendous feedback for this song throughout the year for this song, and became the theme song of the young lovers these days.’

‘The lyrics of this song are by Nandana Wickramage, we make this song in the beginning of the year 2011, and in fact we completed this song in less than an hour. Initially I just wanted to hear this song in the radio and never thought it will become so much popular.’

‘This is another hit song produced by Wide Angel for which I convey my sincere gratitude. Both Wide Angel and I wanted to make a different in this song and put some dialogs in between the song and we received mixed comments for that.

Another major reason for the success of this video is the main characters of the video ‘Pawan’ and ‘Sansari’ played by Akila Anthoney and Sheril Romen Decker. Akila is the son of Famous Film and Tele Drama Star Jackson Anthoney. Sheril first came to the lime light as the “Awurudu Kumari” contest conducted by ITN in year 2006. Later she was seen as the dancing partner of Roshan Ranawana at the “Sirasa Dancing Star” reality show. Sheril is better known as “Amaa” for her main role in the “Amaa”Tele Drama telecasting in ITN.

When the video was popularized everyone thought both Akila and Sheril are lovers in real life. But later on several media published images of  Akila Anthoney with his girl friend Nilukshi Amanda a model by profession. According to Sheril she doesn’t have a soul mate at the moment and said that “I’m still aged 22, my marriage will happen after my 25th birth day”.


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2 thoughts on “‘Digu desa dutuwama’ The Most Popular Music Video of the Year – Derana Music Video Awards 2011

  1. Oh I luv this guy’s songs… but I am not sure if Digu Dasa is as good as his previous songs… Too much drama in it… that talk is too childish and too much for a song…. it is like headache sometimes, when I really want to close my eyes and enjoy the music…

    Couple is nice, but too much conversation and it sounds too childish and immature…
    However, best of luck… Romei

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