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Get a Free Mobile Connection at Airport – Exclusively for Migrant Workers

Thousands of Sri lankans work abroad. Most of them travel frequently in and out of the country.  It is imperative to have a mobile calling connection when you arrive at the airport to make connections with the family as soon as possible. Migrants workers contribute to Sri lanka economy and development immensely. In recognition of this service, Mobitel Sri lanka issues free SIM cards to Sri lankan migrants workers on their arrival to Sri Lanka. In this article we discuss as to how migrant worker can obtain a mobile phone connection, eligibility for the package and features of this package.

Purpose of this new package?

The main aim of this service is to facilitate the mobile communication needs of migrant workers, enabling immediate contact with their family and friends upon arrival at the country. Also, they are able to use the same phone connection beyond their stay in the country.  This new Prepaid package is titled ‘Achaara’ . Sri Lanka Mobitel has launched this package to  recognize the important contribution made by the migrant work force of Sri Lanka in keeping with the Government’s policy of encouraging Sri lankan migrant workers.

Are you eligible to get this Mobitel free SIM/Mobile phone connection on your arrival ? 

All overseas employed citizens returning to Sri Lanka or leaving Sri Lanka are eligible to get this free mobile connection.

How you can get this free mobile phone connection ?

mobile phone at airportSri Lankans who are employed abroad can now collect their free Mobitel SIM card, by producing their passport at any of the three Mobitel outlets located in the arrival, departure. The sales outlets are also available in the transit lounges at the Bandaranaike International Airport. If you fail to get your free mobile connection at airport, you can go to any Mobitel branch or and Mobitel authorized dealer with your passport to claim your free mobile connection.

Main Feature of  this ‘Achaara’ free mobile connection:

This Mobitel prepaid service will facilitate your communication during travel.  It also has following features.

  • It is free – The SIM card/mobile connection issued free of charge.
  • This prepaid SIM comes with pre-activated roaming and IDD facilities.
  • It also entitles users to Rs. 50 worth of credit talk time on local calls, local SMS, local GPRS and SMS Roaming, valid for 90 days.
  • Easy reloading. Once the credit bundle has been exceeded, the connection can be reloaded either from a reload centre in Sri Lanka or at any Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel agency outlets overseas.
  • Reasonable roaming rates. You can obtain roaming rates by dialling #787# while abroad.

Launch of this service – In News

The first Mobitel Aachaara prepaid SIM was presented by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to Sajith Gunerathne, and First Lady, Shiranthi Rajapaksa presented the second Aachaara SIM to Nilanthi Karunarathne, two overseas employed Sri Lankans, at a ceremony at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). Aachaara, an exclusive prepaid package recognizes the continuing and significant contribution by migrant workers abroad towards the country’s economy and development. Speaking at the launch, Lalith De Silva, Chief Executive Officer of Mobitel said, “It gives us great pleasure to recognize and reward the invaluable services that migrant workers abroad render to the country, with their valuable remittances to build the country’s foreign currency reserves,”

We hope this article will be useful piece of information to our beloved Sri lankans employed overseas. Please also do share your thoughts using the comment box and we appreciate if you share this article with your friends.

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  1. That is definitely a very good move. I think lot of Sri Lankans who live abroad get the benefit of this service. Thanks ! Sandun for sharing this with us.

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