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Ayurveda Treatment for Common Women’s Health Issues

The Head of the Gynecological department of Institute of Indigenous medicine and consultant in Rajagiriya ayurveda teaching hospital Dr.Kaumadi Karunagoda plays a tremendous role in treating women’s disease.  Dr.Karunagodai is a well experienced aurveda doctor and  see patients at Rajagiriya ayurveda hospital. She obtained her first degree in ayurveda medicine (Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery) from Colombo University with Honors. She completed her postgraduate studies in India obtaining a Doctor of Medicine in ayurveda obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Karunagoda has published 20 international and scientific research papers in ayurveda medicine.

Lanka Help Magazine had an exclusive interview with Dr. Karunagoda to discuss about the common women’s health condition, their presentation, common causes and the services available at Rajagiriya teaching hospital.

Q. What are the commonest gynecological disorders that are presented to your clinic in Rajagiriya  ayurveda teaching hospital women’s disease clinic? 

A. We get many young girls with pain during menstruation.  Our plan of treatment to them include short term pain relief medications, and most importantly finding out the cause and treating it. As they are young fertile females  with the need of future pregnancy we take extra precautions to avoid any complications both due to the underlying disease and medications given.

health diet is one important adviceThen we get young and middle age women with the complain of delayed conception. Subfertility is a complex issue and we have solution to most of the causes of subfertility in ayurveda.

Frequently, middle aged ladies present with irregularities in menstruation. This can be irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding or infrequent bleeding. There are many causes for these presentations and we provide a full work up for these patients to diagnose the underlying cause. Some of the common diseases in these patients who present with menstrual irregularities are uterine fibroids, Polly-Cystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), hormonal imbalances, and other general medical conditions like low thyroid hormone.

Patients with vaginal discharges are also a one other common presentation. Most of the time the discharge can be a normal physiological discharge. But we are always vigilant to detect any serious conditions like infections and reproductive tract cancers.

Then we get ladies who are past middle age with complications of menopause. I am happy to tell you that ayurveda treatment exists to relieve most of the annoying symptoms of menopause.

Vaginal prolapse is the most common presentation among senior women. These are the commonest presentation to us and our service spans all the age groups of females patients.

Q. What are the factors that contribute to these women’s diseases, specially in the context of today’s life style of women?

A. To best of my knowledge, females play a main role in taking part in the family’s economical state. Therefore they struggle to make ends meet and can lose the balance in personal and professional lives. The physical and mental stress have a major impact on body’s function. Importantly, it has been shown that stress can give rise to hormonal imbalance in the body. Also, increase in the prevalence of obesity among women, birth control pills, genetically modified foods, and use of medications in poultry can also contribute to high prevalence of menstrual disorders.

Q. How can a person get ayurveda medical consultation for a gynecological condition at Rajagirya ayurveda hospital ?

A. We have a clinic for women’s health issues every Friday from 9.00 a.m.-12 noon. The clinic is located at room number 05  in the out patient department (OPD).  Other than the consultation, patients are provided with internal as well as external medication depending on their condition. We pay more attention on life style modifications which include advice on regular exercise, healthy diet and avoiding toxic and harmful substances to the body.

Our hospital is well equipped to provide necessary ayurveda medication to inward patients. Some of the special  external medication such as “Thailaabhyanga” [an oil massage], “Ksheeradhara” [a milk massage], herbal steam therapy are available to inward patients. Patients also receive internal medications in the form of “Kasaya” and “Kalka“. Our supporting staff exclusively consists of female nurses and attendants.

We thank Dr. Kaumadi Karunagoda spending her valuable time to educate the public on common women’s disease and available services at Rajagiriya Ayurveda Teaching Hospital. This discussion also follows a series of article with ayurvedaic medical advices to common women’s diseases which are prepared with the advice of Dr. Karunagoda.

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

5 thoughts on “Ayurveda Treatment for Common Women’s Health Issues

  1. It’s agreat article for women.I went to see Dr Karunagoda at Arurved Teaching Hospital once. Her silance service might be helpful for all women who spent much money. Get real Aryurved experience at Arurved Teaching Hospital at Rajagiriya

    1. The hospital is just near the rajagiriya Mac Donald’s.Appoinments will be not made through phone and all the treatments will be free of charge as the hospital is the government teaching hospital for the ayurvedic medical students of colombo university

  2. i am a student of samudra devi balika in nugegoda. i”ll doing a project as  “ruwa wadawana aurweda aushada” so i want to need some infomation

  3. Dear dr.Thilini I had ovarian cyst and I have done 2 surgeries and my ovary was clear.and my dr said cyst can appear get rid from this afraid now I’m following a ayurcedic ayurveda dr is one of a gynacologist in ayurveda BorElla.(I’m going to her private clinic)and I have done BGTB+p1 (scan)and it showed no more cysts bt tubal blocks because of my previous iui. Dr.I want to know can I do those treatment(shirolepa,nasna,p1, wasthi & etc…)scans if I get treatment from colombo ayurveda. Because now I think I can’t bare the treatment charges.please help me….

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