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A Tribute to Anton Jude

He was a comedian, a singer and a talented stage and tale drama actor who has gained immense popularity in the silver screen recently, yet he was the simplest, kind hearted and down to earth person in the art field with a sincere sense of humor. Anton Jude Gomes said bid adieu to all his friends, fans and loved ones in this world and accepted the God’s invitation to the heaven. His sudden death was due to a heart attack and this believed to be the second attack since he was hospitalized on January 1st last year.

Anton was born on November 28th in 1960 as the eldest of a family of four children and was a past pupil of St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic school Mt. Lavinia. Anton was inspired by his father, Clarence Gomes a talented singer who used to sing Amaradeva and Mohideen Beg songs. ‘My father was a born Communist, he just wanted me to be a simple and down to earth human being not an artist’ said Jude recalling his memories about his father.

Anton Jude’s first stage appearance was Sashi Quintes’s ‘Sudu Haththak’ (White Mushroom) in 1978. Since then he appeared in more than 40 stage plays, more than 55 Tele dramas and over 20 films.  Jude made significant characters in ‘Ingammaruwa’. ‘Deiyo Sakki’, ‘Isuru Yogaya’ tele drams, but his role in ‘Sabanda Pabilis’ made him a super comedian and was a major mile stone in his career. Anton Jude made an affront appearance in ‘Sabanda Pabilis’ with legendary actors Joe Abeywickrama and W. Jayasir and was awarded at the Sumathi Tele Awards and State Art Awards. Ever since, Anton Jude was given similar characters both in silver screen and in tele dramas. “I want to play a serious character in a movie or teledrama but producers and my fans do not want to see me as such” said Jude. In 2005 he released  a CD “Aish amma gunduu” with the theme song of “Sabanda Pabilis’ and in 2009 produced the stage drama ‘Saki sanda madala’ with his acting buddies Rodney Warnakula, Priyantha Seneviratne and Giriraj Kaushalya to celebrate his 30th anniversary in the field.

The theme song he sang for the ‘Sabanda Pabilis’, ‘Balu walige unapuruke’ was written by the legendary actor Joe Abeywickrama.The song very fluently depicts the ultimate truth of the human life and it also describes the meaningless things we do in our day to day life. If one can understand this ultimate truth he or she would be the happiest person in the world and I have no doubt that Anton Jude is one of them. It’s very sad that people like Anton Jude who sacrificed their entire life to entertain people have to leave us so quickly. I think the God must be crazy to call upon human beings like Anton Jude to his world so early. Dear Anton Jude we patiently await your next arrival with all your sense of humor and good qualities, until then may you rest in peace.

…. The dog tail cannot be straighten by putting it into a bamboo cane

…. Most of the people are like that but few it’s not so

…. What we get is what we deserve


‘….from where we came here?(to this world)

 ….to where we should go next ?(from this world)

….when should we leave?

…. We don’t know a thing about it , yet we fancy dancing throughout our entire life


… we chased money to protect our dependents,  yet have to leave the world empty handed

…. Cunnings dominate the society while the humble do the hard work

… we canter throughout our life chasing things

(Above is a simple translation of the ‘Sabanda Pabilis theme song)

Sandun W

Sandun joined Lanka Help Magazine as a contributor in June, 2011. He has been consistently writing articles to our magazine. Many useful articles of this site are under Sandun's name.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Anton Jude

  1. Indeed, he is a simple and down to earth person. I think despite all his services to the sri lankan art, he was not in good health. I just watched the video of his last shooting and he looks younger in that video. The teledrama crew who spend the time with him must be shocked by his sudden death.

    While I salute him for being a good human I wish he will get a rebirth in a country where he can do lot more than what he did in Sri Lanka. Simply because in another country he would not have died so young.

  2. I met him one day when I was a nursing student in front of Colombo medical faculty. He was not that famous those days. ( 16 years back) and there were not much teledrama those days too. I knew him as I watch “meepura wasiyo” in TNL and from few other appearance in TV.

    At first sight, I could not recognize him. He smiled with me and that was enough to know the person. His smile is unique to him and we will miss him forever. My heartfelt condolence to his loving family.

  3. I love this guy because of his inborn artistic talent and humble nature. Only few people I have seen in my life that truly smiles from their heart even with so much of life challenges. It is the divine human nature that only very few has. I truly miss his sense of humour and his goodness

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