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Wijaya Nandasiri Celebrates 46th Anniversary with“Wijayaanandaya”

He is the ‘Comedy Star’ in the silver screen and in the Television, a talented singer, a producer and one of the best stylized drama actors in Sri Lanka. A versatile actor who can performs a serious, a comedy or a stylized act in a single frame. Born in 1944 in a family of three this multitalented person celebrates 46th anniversary as an actor and the silver jubilee in his marriage life this year. He is none other than Ilukpitiya Muduyanselage Wijaya Nandasiri who has celebrated these personal mile stones in grand style by organizing a drama festival. ‘Wijayaanandaya’ drama festival commenced from 20th March to 25th March at the John De Silva theatre.

‘Wijayaanandaya’ drama festival staged six stage dramas that can be categorized as most popular and personal mile stones of Wijaya Nandasiri’s acting career. The festival beguns with Dr.Sarathchandra’s “Mahasaara”and then his wife Lalitha Sarathchandra’s “Kapuwa Kapothi”. “Wrushabha Raaja” and “Kusa Pabawathi” staged next which are two of the dramas produced by Wijaya himself. “Deiyoth Danne Ne” is a production of one his contemporary Sarath Kulanga. And finally Raveendra Ariyaratne’s hilarious hit comedy“ Balloth ekka be”.

Wijaya Nandasiri became interested in acting while being a school boy in ‘Vidyakara Vidyalaya’ Maharagama where he made his theater debut in 1966 in the stage drama ‘Vidura-Diva’ produced by Amaradasa Gunawardena for the State Drama Festival.

“I was introduced to Dayananda Gunawardane by Amaradasa Gunawardane, and later I met Dhamma Jagoda who has revolutionized my life by introducing legendary dramatist Dr. Sarathchandra to me. These three people Dayananda , Dhamma and Dr.Sarathchandra unfold a new chapter in my life and are the main factor for my present success as an artist in this enchanted island.”

“I have been Prince “Maname” for over 1,000 times, a life time achievement for a stage drama actor, Sinhabahu, Mahasaara, Jasaya Lenchina, Nari Bena, Ananda Jawanika, Suba saha Yasa, Tharavo Igilethi and Ekadhipathi were few of the other memorable stage dramas in my life. And I was fortunate enough to act under some talented novels that are not even born when I started acting.”

In 1976, Nandasiri met K.A.W. Perera while staging T. B. Ilangaratne’s Shailasanaya. Perera gave him his first film role in the movie Nedayo. Subsequently, he has had roles in such films as Yasa Isuru, Sandakada Pahana, Bengali Walalu, Sasara and Rail Para. But Wijaya received immense popularity as a comedian in the silver screen for his appearances in ‘Sikuru Hathe’,’Bahu Boothayo’,’King Hunther’etc. K.A.W.Perera also introduced Wijaya to the Tele Drama field from his Tele Dramas like ‘Gamana’ and ‘Pramada Wedi’.But yet again Wijaya was much popularized for his roles in ‘Nonawaruni Mahathwaruni’,’Ethumai Methumai’as a comedian.

Wijaya Nnadasiri met his soul Mate Devika Mihirani on the set of Subha Saha Yasa in 1974. Devika Mihirani was the main actress in Sri Lanka’s first Tele Drama ‘Dimuthu Muthu’. Navanjana Mihirani and Rasanjana Suchitra are the two children of Wijaya and Devika who wedded in 1987. We at Lanka Help Magazine take this opportunity to wish this versatile artist for all his future activities.

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3 thoughts on “Wijaya Nandasiri Celebrates 46th Anniversary with“Wijayaanandaya”

  1. Wijaya Nandasiri is simply the best comedy actor in the field today. But he got the talent to act in any kind of film and not necessary to confine to comedy. But it is how the things go in Sri Lanka. When you do a good act in one teledrama or movie, you only get the similar opportunities. 

  2. I like his acting so much in Ethumaa teledrama. After that he was in similar characters and I did not like it much. Specially I think he should not have appear in films like “Sir Last Chance’.

  3. I cannot imagine if someone put the three plus one musketeers, Mr. Bandu Samarasinghe, Mr. Tennyson Koorey, Mr. Mahinda Pathirage and Mr. Vijaya Nandasiri in one frame! I would LMAO. Wijeya is simple, yet multi-talented on stage performer…. Best wishes from a Sri Lankan comedy fan…. By the way, I hope the directors use such gems for true and meaningful artistic work, rather than some dumb jokes…

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