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Ronnie Leech’s Daughter Keshia

Heard of Ronnie Leech’s daughter and wanted to know more ! You are in the right place. We are going to answer your question and you will also find a photo collection of Ronnie’s daughter in this article.

A lot of children follow their celebrity parents’ footsteps when it comes to choosing a career. These children try to make their own name in Sri Lankan entertainment business and not everyone is successful as their celeb parents or families. But Ronnie Leech’s daughter took different journey in building her own image, without following her famous father’s footstep. As many of you know, Ronnie is a multi-talented Sri Lankan stage performer, well known as “Thattaya” among his Sri lankan fans.

Keshia Amanda Leech, born on September 12, 1989 at Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, the daughter of Ronnie Leech. Keisha Leech finished her schooling at St. Bishop, Colombo with a dream of becoming a dancing queen on stage. However, after graduating from her high school, St. Bishops, Keshia Leech did not follow her dreams of becoming a dancer, but worked hard to build her skills and knowledge towards becoming an ambassador.

When questioned her artistic talent, Keisha humbly replied that she does not have inborn talent for stage performance as her famous dad, Ronnie Leech, the “Tattaya.”  Also, she mentioned that she does not want to be a famous entertainment character like Ronnie Leech because she feels that it would challenge her long term goal of becoming an ambassador. Therefore, Keshia contributes her time for sitcoms and movies once in a while. Keisha had appeared on the Sri Lankan movie, “It’s the matter of love,” film directed by Mr. Roy De Silva about three years ago. Keshia was bursting out of excitement, when Mr. Roy’s invited her to take part of the film three years ago. Keshia is glad that her role in the film had good critics and says it made her to become popular among many audiences.

Both Keshia and her father, Ronnie Leech demonstrated their best acting sparks in the film, “It’s the matter of love.” Keshia says that her father’s and her fictional characters on the movie were totally opposite roles, which neither of them them knew beforehand.  Keshia mentions that her father and she had shootings at different timings, where they never had chance to be together during the actual shootings. She says it  was a memorable time in her life as for the first time she got a chance to work with many talented artist. Keshia gives her credit to her father, who made her to appear for a movie for the first time in her young life.

Keshia feels becoming a good artist is something that needs a lot of dedication. However, she regrets about the current situation of Sri Lankan Cinema, where everything is based on references, beauty and trading female body.

When asked if the person, Keshia Leech, has father’s influence to build her own celebrity identity, she openly said that her father has nothing to do with her on stage image.  Keshia says she had engaged in acting in the past many times. “Yes, people recognize me as Ronnie Leech’s daughter. But I made the name Keshia Leech in cinema with my own talent. To tell you the truth, sometimes they do not know even if I am related to a famous celebrity father. When somebody asks, then only I tell, Hey! Ye, I am Ronnie’s daughter,” said Keshia with a sweet smile.

Keshia Leech has singing talent and she is not ready to make it as her career. She feels that she is an unique individual, who does not want to become a total celebrity blueprint of her talented father, Ronnie Leech.

We, Lanka Help Magazine, wish all the best for Keshia Amanda Leech’s future dreams! Keep it up girl!

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