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Diabetes Cured with Natural Herbs

Diabetes an entwined epidemic and a non-communicable disease, plays a specific role in the society.  On average a country spends 10% of their health care expenditure to manage patients with Diabetes and its complications. It has been estimated that there will be at least 380 millions of diabetes patients currently and it was 280 million in the year of 2007. Every year 7million is diseased and out of them 3.5 dies due to many complications of diabetes.

Ayurvedic medicine describes how the disease is originated and how it prevails in a different manner. It says that mankind being hostile to the nature following wrong food patterns and habits directly affect the body and originates diabetes. We have being addicted to a junk food trend refusing homemade nutritious meals which make us get more and more unwanted lipids and sugar substances to our body thanks to the massive media cooperation towards it. And another significant fact is that people are more interested in idle jobs rather which require less physical work. Both dietary habits and less exercise lead to obesity and diabetes is one of the complications of obesity.

There are two types of Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus present at younger age. Type 1 diabetes is also called Insulin dependent diabetes meliitus as they need external insulin to lower down the blood sugar level. Type 2 diabetes mellitus also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus commonly occur in adult.

Many plants and seeds has been researched and presented successful results on diabetes. Among them kebella, uluhal,  gansuriya, val koththamalli, cinnamon, ginger,veralu leaves.madan, hathavariya, kela, beli, kothala himbutu, karawila, kowakka, alu kesel, kohila, hal are some of the outstanding herbs which are being developing as drugs. Ayurvedic physicians use valuable decoctions to control diabetes, and for those who feel difficult to consume decoctions are provided with powders and tablets with the correct dose. Famous ayurvedic drug companies such as Himalaya and Baraka have come up with anti-diabetes tablets using ayurvedic knowledge and technology. Himalaya produces a drug named DIABECOM while Baraka produces a tablet called Diabsol which includes black seed oil.

While treating diabetes complications like diabetic foot has to be treated with extra care. Borella ayurvedic teaching hospital as well as Nawinna ayurvedic hospital conduct diabetic clinics in the out door patients department. Doctors in these clinics are dedicated to provide medicine as well as to give a diet charts with proper advise for free. Ayurvedic private hospitals such as siddhalepa in Mount Lavinia also provide services to patients with Diabetes.

Find more on and buy Ayurveda Diabetic Care Products from following links:
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5. Sugar Crush All Natural Diabetes Herbal Dietary Supplements

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

11 thoughts on “Diabetes Cured with Natural Herbs

  1. Pls explain if these Ayurveda or Natural herbs are good to be taking while a person is taking other western medication for the control of blood sugar?

    1. Yes,you can use western drugs as well as the ayurvedic drugs together with out fear.But I suggest you visit a qualified ayurvedic practitioner [who has passed out from colombo either kelaniya university]who has the knowledge of both western drugs as well our own.So that they will decide the dosage of the drugs.

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