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Tourist’s Video of the Week – Introduction

Satisfied tourist who tour Sri Lanka are one of the main force promoting Sri lankan tourism. As a person who have been observing the trends in global tourism promotional activities, I have realized that Sri lanka tourism ministry is in deep sleep. They do not use active modern methods which are economical to promote Sri Lank. Instead they will have one mega promotion per year allowing politicians and officers to bag some public money. We all know what happened to “the small miracle’ campaign.

But many countries are using social media very effectively to promote their tourist attractions. Specially tourism ministries in Asian countries like Vietnam and Thiland which have similar geographical and cultural heritage have been very successful in promoting their country for tourism using social media.

Unfortunately, I am yet to see any good image taken by Sri lanka tourism and posting them in web sites which are used by tourist to find their vacation destinations.

I appreciate the service of Sri Lankan amateur and pro photographers who are sharing Sri Lanka’s beauty in photo sharing sites. Also the tourist who visit Sri Lanka captures the best of Sri Lanka and post them in social media sites, blogs, vlogs, video sharing sites. Frankly I have seen the best tourist promotional videos from these independent tourists cameras.

2011-0985 Sri Lanka (SP) Kosgoda

This rant was to introduce you our new video post thread. From today we will be sharing those beautiful videos taken by public or tourists to Sri Lanka. These videos shows the natural beauty of mother lanka, may it be geography, people, culture, life style, etc. You can watch them in the Beuty of Sri Lanka sub category in under video. Also you can read our articles on travel and tourism in Sri Lanka under the Travel category. Hope you will share these videos in your social spheres. Hopefully we will be able to support the tourism in Sri Lanka.


To start with a confession, I am not a writer. But I enjoy sharing information in the Internet . I have been part of the Lanka Help Q & A site and Lanka Help Magazine from the beginning. It is always happy to get your comments, feedbacks....

1 thought on “Tourist’s Video of the Week – Introduction

  1. That’s so cute. I always find turtles as emotional animals with their always seemingly sad eyes. I guess they all have those kinds of eyes. But all the more, they still look cute on it. I know Sri lanka has lot of turtle breeding places from my friend and I am looking forward to visit.

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