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Long, Shiny, Healthy Hair with Nature’s Essence

There are no secrets that many of us dream to have a healthy lustrous hair to enhance our beauty. We go after numerous brand names to get flaunt glossy, shiny hair like our celebrities do. So, most of us get provoked by massive hair care promotions by media and ended up with some crappy bogus products and poor hair results. Therefore, we bring you some tips and tricks of maintaining healthy and shiny hair with less cost and less hassle today in this article.

So, ladies and gents, are you willing to take extra step to get a long and shiny hair? Then do not hesitate to try some easy Ayurveda hair treatments that you can do at home easily. First, we will look at some of the causes of losing our natural hair. It is well known that we can lose our hair mainly by tangled with dandruff. Besides that, malnutrition can also play a huge part in having an unhealthy hair. Especially protein deficit diets, the disease called alopecia areata, certain medication and cancer treatments such as, chemotherapy can directly affect your hair. Therefore, it is important to know the reasons of losing own hair. Then only you can look for the right treatment.

Here is the step wise Ayurvedic Treatment plan for getting a long shiny healthy hair:

Day one
1. Apply tripala oil and massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes

Tripala oil is available as a over the counter product. You can buy Tripala oil online at Amazon using following web links.

Himalayan Institute Triphala Oil

2. Take a bath using an anti-dandruff shampoo [anti dandruff Ayurveda medication will be discussed in a separate article]

Day two

Prepare a natural hair treatment paste as described below.

1 teaspoon of coffee powder
2 teaspoons of egg white
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of olive oil

Take above given ingredients in the right amount and mix them together making  a paste. Mix them together, apply this all over your hair. After 30 minutes,  you can rinse the hair thoroughly.

Day three
1. Apply Neelyadi oil and massage for 10-15minutes. You can buy Neelyadi oil online from the following link.Ayurveda Hair Oil (Neelayadi Thailaya)

2. Wash your hair with lemon leaves boiled water
Repeat these steps in a week for 4-6 months, as the duration of hair growth can defer from person to person

Few Important Tips for Healthy Hair

  • A good diet with proteins and vitamins will fasten the above process. Add fresh fruits and vegetables and especially green leaves to your diet.
  • Avoid direct sun light as it will make your hair dry and lead you to a dandruff filled scalp.
  • Internal Ayurveda drugs pacify the reasons which fight against in the effort of getting long hair, and it fastens the relevant process without giving any other side effect.
  • Long hair can be inherited. As a result, we find few women (or men) in one family with long hair. But good nutritional diet plays a crucial part in having shiny and healthy hair.
  • Also, maintaining and practicing proper ways of brushing the hair is another important factor of keeping your hair free from messy tangles. You can apply prescribed medications to prevent any hair disease conditions you have.

I hope this advice will help you to have a long and healthy shiny hair that glows.  Please also read my other articles explaining simple natural home treatment for common health problems and healthy life.   Read all our Aurveda articles here.

Thilini Abeypala

Ayurvedic Doctor by profession, Thilini enjoys sharing her knowledge in Ayurveda Medicine with Lanka Help Magazine readers.

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