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A Tribute to Sathish Perera

It’s with great sorrow we have to write an article about loss of another renowned artist. The famous singer Sathish Perera has passed away this morning in a private hospital. Sources close to the family stated that Sathish had been ill for over a month and had been receiving treatment at a private hospital. Sathish was aged 42 and was a father of one.

The veteran vocalist and one of the best table players late Mr.Shelton Perera was Sathish’s father. Shelton Perera was also died early at the age of 49. Kumari Sashi Perera, the mother of Sathish is an Indian. Sathis has two brothers (Sanjaya, Subash) and two sisters (Anuradhaa, Anupama). His sister Anuradha Perera is also a vocalist.

Sathish is product of Ananda college Colombo. He first entered to the music field by singing his father’s hit songs “Egodaha Yanno”,”Awasan Liyumai Obata Liyanne”after the sudden death of his father in 1989. The remixed version of the two songs released in 1991/1992 period was a hit and Sathish Perra became a crowd puller to the outdoor musical shows. He launched two music albums ‘Pem Hasuna’ and ‘Egodaha Yanno’ which were also became hits. Maha Muhudu Wimane, Egodaha Yanno, Amba Damba Naran, Mihirethi Wasantha Kale, An Hematama Wada, Suwanda Rosa Mal, Kanduluwalin Pem Hasuna Liyannata, Adareta Hadu Dun Tharam, Mee pan dee Ridee Ganna were some of the all-time hits he sung which some of them were originally sung by his father.Sathish staged the Milton,Milton and Shelton musical show with Priyankara Perera and Ranil Mallawarachchi, the three sons singing songs of  yesteryear legendary singers.

Sathish Perera
Sathish Perera with Madu Madhawa, Ranil Mallawarachchi and Amila Abeysekara.

Sathish Perea was a very talented singer, but could not make a name of his own by singing original Sathish Perera songs. It is tragedy face by all the other sons who sing their father’s songs. But there are quite a few who managed to overcome this situation with courageous effort , Amal Perera is a good example for that category. Jayantha and Lelum Ratnayake sons of Victor Ratnayake also refused to sing their father’s songs to build a name in the music field.

Sathish Perera Wedding PhotosAlthough Sathish’s father was an award winning play back singer ( He recived the “Sarasivi” and “Presidential” awards for his song “Budune Budu Piyananae” in “Sasara Chethana” directed by Malini Fonseka) Sathis was not  lucky enough to render his voice as a play back singer. Music directors also have neglected this great voice being used for their film songs and Sathish Perera was recognized as an ordinary singer during his short period in the music industry. We at Lanka Help Magazine salute this talented singer and take this opportunity to convey our heart fell condolences to the family members of Sathish Perera.

Update : Sathish had been suffering from leukemia and it is the cause of death of this young artist. Sathish Perera’s wife Dinesha Perera has confirmed this. The couple has a son named Akshin Perera. The funeral will be held at 4.00 pm on Wednesday 24, April at Boralla cemetery. The body will be taken to “Kala Bhawana” at 11.00 am from his house in Pannipitiya, Kalalgoda.

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5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Sathish Perera

  1. He will be missed by all Sri Lankans. He had a such a touchy voice like his father. It is sad that we are losing people like this.

  2. We lost Kapuge, Jothipala, Milton, Mervin Perera prematurely due to alcohol. This is a lesson to us all to stay away from Alcohol.

  3. According to unconfirmed sources Sathish Perera has been suffering from leukemia. It is true that he was addicted to Alcohol. I am sure Alcohol must have played a major part in his early death.

    Once I met Sathish at the National hospital accident service. he accompanied one of his family member to accident service after an injury following an accident. He was so drunken even at that time. We all know our artists like to party.

    As Thirimadura said above we have lost many artists due to alcohol.

  4. When I saw him, his sister anuradha and mother in Sandhida Program, I thought man… this guy will carry on Shelton Perera’s legend for a long time. Unfortunately, it is not the case now. He sang his father’s songs and never got updated or learned the art in academic wise, yet he had a deep and unique voice. I hope people remember him as one of the best singers, rather than criticizing his drinking habit and personal stuff.
    Sathish, R.I.P.

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