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Giriraj Kaushalya – An Interview with Giriraj’s wife Mangalika

Giriraj Kaushalya or ‘Gira’ as his colleagues used to address him is poplar as a Stage. Tele Drama and Film actor, script writer and a director. He is much favorite among his fans for his comedy acts in both cinema and Tele Dramas. Giriraj is having lots of feedback for his character “Sam Uncle” he is playing in the ongoing “Amaa” teledrama. Giriraj was the director and the script writer of the comedy movie “Sikuru Hathe”. His first appearance in silver screen was in “Sooriya arana” and so far appeared in 10 movies. This article is to find more about his personal life and we have met the best person to get those information, Mrs. Mangalika Fernando, the beloved wife of Giriraj.

“ I have met Giriraj in Lihiniyagama in the Mahaweli C zone, both of us worked there, I myself as a draft man  and Giriraj as a store keeper. It was during the Mahaweli Sports Festival we have met in 1986. We got engaged in 1987 and our wedding was in 1988.”

Giriraj and Mangalika blessed with two daughters, “The eldest was born in 1989 and the youngest in 1994. Giriraj was happy to have a girl as the first child as it brings fortune to a family as general belief. I didn’t know what he think when the second one also a girl. He may prefer a son as our youngest has many artistic talents and Giriraj always admires her singing ability. It is a son who follows the footsteps of a father, but I think my husband believes that the youngest will follow his footsteps.”

“Giriraj entered to the field somewhere in 1992 where he used to work with Sathischanra Edirisinghe in Mahaweli Cultural Unit. Later he has resigned from job to and became a professional artist. I ‘m quite satisfied with his decision now though I was bit frightened initially.”

“I am proud that he has no gossip and rumors about him in the field. He used to tell me the every single thing happened during shooting and also he is good and caring father to our children. They too love him a lot; in fact they are the best friends and critics of my husband.  When he writes a script he always shows it to them first and always accepts their critique. Giriraj always ask our views about a character he is offered with before accepting it. When daughters requested him not accepts black characters like he played in the film “Aaganthukaya” he accepted it and now do not accept such acts. His hobby is singing with daughters playing the dolak.”

“Whenever he is at home he uses to help us with day to day work like scraping coconut, go to boutique, and do the laundry. Giriraj is a good tea maker though he cannot cook, and used to treat visitors.”

“My husband is a joyful and easy going character but get angry very often, and a very punctual person. He used to observe sil but unable to do so now due to his busy schedule. There are occasions he felt bad about certain people in the field. “

“He was happy when awarded at the Sumathi Tele Awards for the character he played in “ Thaksalawa” Tele Drama.”

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