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Edward and Charitha’s Daughter ‘Sharanya’ – a Fashion Designer to be

Sharanya Rasodi Jayakodi the daughter of singing duo Edward Jayakodi and Charitha Priyadharshani seems to take up a different path as her future career. According to Sharanya her ambition is to become a fashion designer. It is not that she cannot sing like her parents make her choose this different path, as she had sung with them in many a occasions. Sharanya also sung with her parents recently in “Marambari “the Solo Musical recital of Edward Jayakody held on April 5th at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre. She has also been introduced to the silver screen by Somaratne Dissanayake in his film “Siri Raja Siri” in 2008. Shranya also was in “Sooriya Daruwo” and “Sihina Kumari” Tele dramas. Her elder brother Chandipa Jayakodi is also a music director and also a talented actor. Following is an interview a local news paper recently had with this talented young lady.

Q: What are your aims for the future?

A: I have no big aims for the future as I would rather like to face it as and how it comes.

Q: Then is your education based on any particular firld?

A: Yes, my ambition is to be a Fashion Designer.

Q: Why is that you like to be a fashion designer?

A: I like to discover new trends in fashions.

Q; What’s your mother and father have to say about your choice?

A: My mother wants me to become a doctor. Father normally wants his children to do whatever   they like right and meritorious.

Q: Your bonding is more with your mother or with your father?

A: With mother

Q: How do you feel about the recognition you received from the public because of your parents?

A: It’s great, and I have no words to explain it. But there are occasions it becomes a nuisance.

Q: What character of your mother you like most?

A: Everything, she likes to help people and try her level best even she cannot help.

Q: Your fathers?

A:  My father is a friendly and humane character; he doesn’t like to hurt feeling of others and  treats everyone equally.

Q:  What are others comments about your character?

A: Most of them say I’m like my mother.

Q:  What was the present you received from mother recently?

A: A Batik Bag.

Q: How others call you at home?

A: Amma calls me ‘Doni” thaththa ‘Duwa’ and Aiyya calls me ‘Nangi’.

Q: How is your relationship with your brother?

A: He loves me a lot, though he hits me when got angry with me.

Q: What’s his ambition?

A: He wants to be an Audio engineer.

Q: Who’s the best at singing?

A: Aiyaa, he is best at singing English songs.

Q: What are the songs you like that your parents sing?

A: Mother’s ‘ Api punchi panchi’ and Father’s ‘Marambari’.

Q: Your favorite singer?

A: None.

Q: Favorite song?

A: Neela Wickramasinghe aunty’s ‘Master Sir’.

Q: When did your father feel sad about you most?

A: I think he always suffer because of me, He never misses to drop me when and where ever I wanted to go.   So I feel sad about him.

Q: Do you like to become an actress?

A: No. I was at Some uncle’s ‘Siri Raja Siri’ and in couple of Tele dramas, but will not continue   acting even got any invitations.

Q: What are you fond of?

A: Chocolates and shopping. I think greedy for food especially for chocolates is my bad habit.

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