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‘WAYO’ an Acoustic Band and A Ring Tone Company by Sangeeth Wijesuriya

The popular singer cum band leader Sangeeth Wijesuriya has launched a new band recently. ‘Wayo’ is the name of the new band. ‘Wayo’ will perform as an acoustic band and is a ten piece band. Sangeeth has initially published the news of his new band in his Face Book fan page with a photo of him with the members of the band. But the images of the other members were portrayed as dark images concealing the identities of them. Now that the Wayo has officially launched the same poster was posted in Face Book with the identities of the members.

Noora, Dumith, Priyal, Nayana, Shane, Rasika, Kushan, Senanga and Jineth are the members of this newest band. Wayo is consists of two drummers and two keyboard players. Sangeeth’s son, also a member of this band, is one of the drummers. Sangeeth himself will acts as the leader of the band and the main vocalist. If you want to get in touch with this new band it is Mr.Shane Karunaratne the manager of the band you should contact on 0777779420 /0777554000.

‘Wayo’ is also the name of Sangeeth’s new business which is a ring tone solution company. Being the Chairman of the company, Sangeeth describes his company as the total ring tone solution company which was established to provide the best ring tones in the industry giving the artists an opportunity to gain the maximum value for their creations and the subscribers to interact with their favorite music and to personalize their mobiles. The company also engages in the business of re-making songs which became very popular during the past decade. Although re-making songs is a profitable business, Sangeeth should more concern about the intellectual property law as he was ended up in courts when he remixed Wijeratne Warakagoda’s track – ‘Rangahala Den Etha Ada Andure.’ some years ago. is another project by Wayo Total RingingTone Solutions Company. All the ringing tones are stored in for easier access to music lovers. Users can browse through entire song library of ringing tones managed by Wayo. Search functionality of the website is also special. It has face book like search suggestions and selections for your favorite music artists. There are quick preview for each ringing tone. Some songs may have youtube previews of videos. It is definitely a time saver to find out all the ringing tones IDs from various mobile networks through one web site.

Sangeeth is a past pupil of Nadagamuwa College and Senarath Paranawithana College, Udugampala. He started his career in an entirely different field which as a ‘Karate’ instructor. Sangeeth first came to the lime light in the music field by singing the song ‘Siriyalatha’ while he was a member of the band ‘Blue Shadows’. Later he launched a band of his own, ‘Sanidapa’where he worked nearly a decade until he left it last year. ‘Amma’, ‘Bambara wage’, ‘Ayeth monwath liyanne ne’,’Lassana Lassana mage adariye’, ‘Ran Ran,Ran sela anda’ are few of the hit songs he released together with the band Sanidapa. Apart from his singing ability Sangeeth is also a talented dancer and also plays the Flamenco Guitar & classical guitar.

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