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The Dreams of Upeksha Swarnamali

Her marriage was not a bed of roses; she has just started to color the painting of love in rainbow colors when the canvas was torn apart by a violent storm. The mansion of love they built together was shattered like a mirror that cannot be re- fixed.

My marriage was broken, yes that’s the truth. The main reason is he couldn’t understand me and my feelings. I didn’t want to protect my marriage as it was brutally ruined by the other party.

It was not a secret anymore that, my husband has hit me and harassed me. There was no option left for me other than the divorce for which I made up my mind. After all what else I could hope from a husband who used to harass his wife in every possible way?

She was hospitalized for several days after assaulted by her husband.

Recalling the dark memories of her ill-fated marriage, Upeksha Swarnamali has disclosed her future dreams to a weekend newspaper recently.

‘My marriage was over, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be single forever. I will definitely marry the person who could understand me and the responsibility of a marriage. But unfortunately I haven’t met him yet. ‘

‘The dream of becoming a good wife and mother and enjoy a good family life is still with me. I always cherish that dream because I love to become a mother and it’s the most important hope in my life, but who knows whether I’m lucky enough to fulfill that dream?’

‘If I’ couldn’t fulfill that dream I like to help children with no parents in an orphanage. I will contribute my wealth to build up their future which will be self-satisfaction for me. Even if I’m not become a mother I can be a mother to all the children in the world, because I adore kids.’

‘I don’t know whether I would continue my political life, it will be decided within the next two years, but I definitely continue my higher studies, especially finishing my studies in Law and becomes a Lawyer is my ambition. I think it is essential to have a good education to face the challenges in the life.’

‘I like to dress in beautiful clothes, enjoy a good family life and become a good wife and mother like any other woman in the society. Life is where you get both what you expected and what you don’t expect.’

‘Now I’m strong enough to face the future challenges in my life.”

The life of Upeksha Swarnamali as an actress and a Parliamentarian may face changes in future, as Upeksha has mentioned the life is full of surprises and cannot be predicted. Life is like an ocean, the same ocean once calm and quiet can be rough and violent. Upeksha is yet another ordinary woman who is sailing a boat in the ocean of life. We take this opportunity to wish this courageous lady all the success in her future endeavors.

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Source: Lankadeepa

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