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Nayomi Andibadhuge- Miss Italia nel Mondo Candidate and Model

Eighteen-year-old Nayomi Andibaduge, a Sri Lankan girl born in Rome was selected to the last round of “Miss Italia nel Mondo 2012” on this time. Nayomi was one of the lucky contestants among the six Italian beauties. Nayomi Adibadhuge is the first known Sri Lankan descendent girl who successfully selected for the last round of a European beauty pageant.

Due to the current globalization, immigration and role of immigrants in economy of Italy, Pageant organizers of “Miss Italy” had decided to run “Miss Italia” competition under the name of “Miss Italia nel Mondo,” or else, “ Contestants of Miss Italy with foreign roots.” This competition is open to foreign beauties aged 18-26 with the Italian background (citizen). This year the final selection will commence on Septemeber 9th and Nayomi Andibadhuge will be fighting for this year crown with other European beauties.

We, Lanka Help Magazine is proud of Nayomi Andibaduge, who represents Sri Lanka in a Global level beauty pageant. We wish you all the best Nayomi!

Nayomi Andibaduge - Miss Italia from Sri Lanka

Nayomi Andibaduge - model

Miss Italia nel Mondo 2012, Nayomi Andibuduge

Miss Italia nel Mondo 2012, Nayomi Andibuduge

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