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Ten Top Things That Peter Kuruwita Loves About Sri Lanka

Peter Kuruwita is a celebrity chef who is living in Australia. Peter has been one of most famous Sri Lankan expatiate and he has been promoting Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka foods in various TV programs. Peter has now reveled ten best things that he loves about in Sri Lanka in an AzAsia festival promotional video.

Peter Kuruwita’s first choice in his list of best things about Sri Lanka is food. No wonder as he has already shown his fashion about Sri Lankan food. We Sri Lankans have wide array of tasty foods and they are healthy too.

Peter’s second choice is surfing. Sri Lanka is a popular destination among surfers and Arugam bay is one of popular beaches which is located in the nothern cost of Sri Lanka.

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Peter loves Sri Lankan culture and it is his third among his top ten things. Undoubtedly Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage and that is something each and every Sri Lankan is proud of.

His number four is the colonial side of Sri Lanka. He seems to love the things we got from colonial rulings of the country and definitely the architecture and buildings are favorite tourist attractions.

His village in Karagampitiya in Colombo is his number five. Jafna peninsula and its proud people are in his list at the sixth place. Pristine beaches of Sri Lanka is his next choice and his eight also about the environment and it is Sri lankan tea fields in cold climate zone.

Market scenes in Sri Lanka , be it the fish market or vegetable market, is also one of Peter’s attractions. Sure being a chef he has a lot to select in these markets to prepare his best dishes.

The last thing in his top ten is cheeky monkeys in Sri Lanka. Yes he is not wrong to mention this as his tenth as any animal lover would love the moves of Sri Lankan monkeys.

Following is the video by Peter Kuruwita revealing his best top ten about Sri Lanka and before leaving please leave a comment with top things that you love about Sri Lanka.


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