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Colour Sinhala Movie Trailer

“Colour” is one of the latest Sri Lankan film and it is being screened in film halls around the country. Kamal Addaraarachchi, Udayanthi Kulathunga and Sandani Sulakkana play the main roles in this film. The other roles in “Colour” are played by Priyantha Mansilu, Angela Senevirathna and Jayani Senanayaka. This film brings the story of a painter.

“Colour” is a film by Isuru Weerasingha Mudali and this is his maiden film. Isuru is coming to cinema from advertising and already planning his next film “Mal” (Flowers). Iranthi Samarasingh has produced this film. Cinematography is by Priyantha Malavige. Tissa Surendra has done the editing. Music director is Sanka Dineth and art director is Aruna Dias.

Meanwhile an organization for cancer prevention has demanded banning of this film due to its use of cigarets and alcohol in its scenes. But Isuru condemned this accusation saying that this film clearly shows the unhealthy results of smoking and drinking through Kamal’s character and no way it is promoting them.

Sandani Sulakkana, a popular Sri lankan teledrama actress, marks her first appearance in a main role in this film. Kamal Addaraarachchi also feature in a film after seven years of absence in movies.

According to the film critics and film lovers, this film is a good movie which is a rare occurrence in Sri Lanka popular film media now a days.

Here is the video preview of “Colour” film and hope you will spare some time to watch this young film directors first attempt. Do you like this movie –


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