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Raigam Tele Awards 2012- Award Winners

The 9th Raigam Tele-awards Ceremony was held at Water’s Edge on the 17th May 2013 from 6:00 p.m. onwards.

Professor Patrick Rathnayaka took part as the appointed President of the Honourable Tele Judge Board and another 6 members joined the board as the representative judges to give away the awards to the winners of the different Tele-industries. This time, approximately 568 applications were received by the judge board. This is the first time in Raigam Tele’es that the board had received the highest number of applications from different Tele-industries in Sri Lanka.

More than 57 awards were given away to the top hit talents of the Tele-industry this time. The awards were won as the follows: (Only few winners are indicated here for our fans)

  • The Best Actress: Kanchana Mendis in “Me Wasantha Kalayai”
  • The Most Popular Actress: Asha Edirisinghe in ITN Teledrama
  • The Best Supporting Actress: Dulika Marapana in “Me Wasantha Kalayai” Teledrama
  • The Best Upcoming Actress: Ruwanganie Ratnayake in “Me Wasantha Kalayai” Teledrama
  • The Most Popular Actor: Saranga Disasekara
  • The Special Merit Award of the Jury for the Best Performance: Ananda Kumara in “Me Wasantha Kalayai” Teledrama
  • The Most popular Tele-drama: “Iduwari”- telecast on ITN Channel- Producer: Lilantha Kumarasiri
  • The Best Documentary Programme: “Parliament”- Producer: Manjula Athugala
  • The Best Music Direction in Teledrama: Ravi Bandu Vidyapathi and PriyanthaDassanayake in “Amarapuraya” Teledrama, ITN Channel
  • The Best News Reporting Segment: “Action TV Segment”- Thusitha Pitigala, Newsfirst
  • The Best Sinhalese Language News Anchor: Omaya Kovilagodage
  • The Best Tamil Language News Anchor: Jeffery Jebadarshan of Newsfirst
  • The Best English News Anchor: Ifthiya Abdul Cader of ITN
  • The Best TV Presenter: Thanuja Jayawardena
  • The Best TV Quiz Show: “Spell Master”- Sirasa TV
  • The Best Reality TV Programme: “Sirasa Super Star Season 5”- Sirasa TV
  • The Best Television Channel of the Year: Sirasa TV
  • The Special Merit Awards of the Jury: Won by ITN Channel
  • The Special Merit Award of the Jury for the Musical Programme: “Sanhinda”-Udaya Kumara Tennekoon and Indrasiri Suraweera, ITN Channel
  • The “Prathibha Prabha” Award: Dharmasena Pathiraja

Apart from the judge board awards, people’s awards were granted to the deserving talents of the Tele-industry. For the best actor, the best actress and the best Tele-drama categories were chosen through the SMS system in people’s choice awards part. For this, fans had chance to SMS their favourite Actor’s and Actress’s names to 0772522522 number until up to May 15th on or before 12 a.m. The Raigam Tele- awards Ceremony gave away 25 free tickets to selected viewers to watch the Tele-awards Ceremony live on stage through a lottery system.

The Tele-awards Ceremony is designed in such that more awards are given to a large number of categories of the Tele-industry to represent diversity and equality.

We, Lanka Help wish the best to all the Candidates for their excellent performance!

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