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How You Can Check Your Mobile Phone’s Quality

In Sri Lanka over 87% were using mobile phones in year 2011 and by now the country’s level of mobile phone usage has gone drastically high. Some household members have two or three mobile phones per person and it could be the reason that the statistics shows hike of mobile phone utilization from year 2006 onwards. Due to increase demand of mobile phones, different manufactures are producing the mobile phones in different factories and locations such as China, India etc… to reduce the cost. There are high chances that the quality also hampered when things come in cheap rate.
Many Sri Lankans find carrying a mobile as a fashion. However, some finds it highly needy thing. Whatever the cause is, most of Sri Lankans do not look into necessary facts and details when buying the “right” mobile for their use. Even some people give their attention to the new tech features of the phone and the service package deals, they never think twice if the phone they are buying is approved by the TRCSL as regulated phone for proper utilization.
To check whether your mobile phone is quality wise have approval of TRCSL, check the IMEL Number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on the original phone box. If not, you can find 15-digit serial number that is placed on the mobile battery sticker, when you remove the battery at the back. Only TRCSL registered and approved mobile phones have this serial number.

Mobile Phone's IMEL
Always remember to check for IMEI Number on your phone when you buying one from any electronic shop. However, there are some crooks in the market who does illegal prints of IMEI Numbers to deceive innocent customers. So, a customer can check the genuine IMEI by simply typing IMEI IMEI Number of the particular mobile phone and then sms to 1909 number. The customer will receive a SMS similar to this

Mobile Phone IMEI

Then the customer can compare what he or she received with what is on the phone box or the back of the phone battery sticker. In case if any customer finds a mismatch of IMEI through the process we mentioned above, they can write their complaint to the following address in writing:
The Deputy General
The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
No: 276, Elvitigala Road
Colombo 08, WP, Sri Lanka
Or else if a customer wants to complaint in person, they can call the general inquiries by dialling +94-11-2689345 or contact via E-mail:

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