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Nilanga Senanayake – Mrs. Asia International Global 2013

Nilanga Senanayake (Nilu); 32 years old, currently residing in Nagoda, Kalutara, Sri Lanka is a Sri Lankan Model and a Beautician who is best known as the Mrs. Asia International Global 2013. At the age of 32, Nilu Senanayake (Nilanga) established her career as a well-known saloon beautician, professional model and a successful business woman. She is married to Arjun Senanayake, the owner of 365 Event Management Corporation and the Managing Director of Nilu’s Clothing Boutique in Sri Lanka, with whom she has two daughters. Arjuna Senanaye also worked as a Sri Lankan Fashion Designer and in 2002 Arjuna won “Mr. Sri Lanka” while Nilu won the award as the “Best Model of the World.”

Nilanga SenanayakaProfile Summary: Full Name – Nilanga Senanayake (Nilu)

Age – 31

Measurements – 32-26-41

Eye Colour: Black

Height- 5.5 feet (170cm), Weight – 50kg

Occupation – Beautician, Professional Model and a Business Woman

Hobby –  Dancing

E-mail –

Nilanga continued to develop her character, fulfilling her duty as a loving wife and an excellent mother while working from home at Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Nilanga says her main driving force is her beloved husband, Arjun Senanayake. Her makeup, fashion designing and other things were taken care of Arjun during her pageant show in Malaysia on June 13 to 16. Nilanga has been modelling for nearly 15 years and she thinks whatever experience she gained through her career helped her to face this pageant show successfully. During Mrs. Asia International, Arjun Senanayake also received an award as the “Best Supporting Husband.”

Nilanga Senanayeke believes that every married woman has ability to balance their career and motherhood, if they put sincere effort and dedication. Nilanga got married to Arjun by the age of 19 and has two baby girls; Sasandhi, the first born is now a grown up 12 years old youngster and her second daughter, Senuli is now 6 years old. Both girls are attending Lyceum International School in Panadura, Sri Lanka. Nilanga’s in-laws are taking care of the girls and Nilanga’s mother who is working in Capital Maha Raja Corporation helps her daughter whenever she gets free time. Nilanga and Arjuna schedule their time carefully to fulfill their duties to their two daughters as any other loving parents. Nilanga normally wakes up 4:45a.m to start the day and she prepares her children to go to school with her house mate. After house work, Nilanga and Arjun resume their daily business work in Nilu’s Clothing Boutique and later Nilanga goes to her saloon. While doing business work, Nilanga never forgets to check upon the house work and children’s work. Even with a busy schedule, Nilanga allocates her time to do exercise on daily basis. She says she is very careful of her diet and does exercise regularly to maintain her health and beauty as a model.

Nilanga mentions that she enjoys every bit of her married life and she never intend to give up things in her life easily. Currently she is working along with Lion’s Club for the betterment of children with low-income families.
We, Lanka Help Wish This Wonderful Lady A Successful and Joyful Future!

Nilanga-Senanayake - the model
Mrs. Asia International 2013 - nilanga
Nilanga - Mrs Aisa International
Nilanga Potrait

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