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Dry Skin – Causes and Treatments

Dry skin is a common problem for both adult and children. Even though it is per say not a disease, most of the people with dry skin feel upset about it. Specially skin does not look healthy and beautiful. In this article we discuss the common causes of Dry Skin and treatment option we have to control the problem.

What Causes Dry Skin ?

There are several causes for dry skin. One or few of these causes can contribute to make skin dry.

1. Genetic Reasons:

Like any other organ in the body Skin is also designed by individual person’s genetic coding. Dry skin due to genetic reason can occur in different severity and ages. The worst scenario is to develop dry skin in infancy. Others may develop dry skin around 6-10 year of age. Scaling of the skin occur mainly in arms and legs. Sometime this can spread to neck and body as well.

2. General Medical Conditions:

general medical conditions can also cause dry skin. Some of the diseases which can cause dry skin are:

– Thyroid Hormone Excess (Hyperthyroidism) or Lack of Thyroid Hormone (Hypothyroidism)

– Live Disease

– Kidney Disease

– Vitamin Deficiency

Dry skin due to these general medical condition can be seen in the entire skin. Most of the time the other symptoms of these general medical condition also present in the people.

3. Due to the effects of Medicines:

Some of the medicines can cause dry skin. Lipid lowering drugs are an example for this.

4. Aging:

Dry skin can occur due to normal aging. But at times e have to do certain blood tests if Dry skin occur very fast in these patients.

5. Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies:

Vitamin and Minerals (trace elements)play a vital role in healthy and beautiful skin. Specially Vitamin A and C deficiency can cause dry and dull skin.

6. Environmental Factors:

Certain weather condition can cause dry skin. Specially Dry and windy cold weather can cause dry skin.

Treatment for Dry Skin:

If dry skin is due to a general medical condition as listed out above, treating that disease will improve the dryness of skin. For most of other conditions the solution is to treat dry skin symptomatically as curing is impossible.

Dry Skin TreatmentUsing a moisturizing lotion and soap alternative should be the first step. Soap can itself cause dryness in the skin. People with dry skin are advised to use an emulsifying ointment instead of soaps.

Applying moisturizing lotion or cream also important part. When you are applying moisturizing lotions make sure to apply it in the direction of the hair. For example if you are applying moisturizing lotion in the legs make sure to rub it from above to down.

Also, it is important to apply moisturizing lotion just after a bath or washing of the skin. Pat drying of the skin is important and use the moisturizing solution on the skin within 5 minutes of pat drying.

Doctors can also prescribe special medical preparations depending on the severity of the condition. Most of these preparations can be used in long term and they are proven to be safe. Once you identify the best cream for your skin , you can use it long term regularly.

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