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Things You Should Know When Buying Pink Gold

As we know, since ancient time people considered yellow gold as “Pure Gold.” However, in recent years “White Gold” took noticeable attention on European and American markets. Currently white gold is popular among young generation as a fashion. Also, rose, red and purple colour shaded gold jeweleries are being widely used by many Europeans. Like white gold, pink gold has been used for specialized jeweleries and now it is becoming popular among Sri Lankans, just like 24Kt (carats) yellow gold. Here are few facts that you should know and you should consider when buying pink gold.

Pink gold is an alloy:

Pink Gold is a mixture of copper and yellow gold. So, it is not considered as “pure” since it is an alloy. As it is a mixture of metals you can buy only 18 carat pink gold.

You can pawn it at any registered pawning center:

You may feel reluctant to buy pink gold as it is not being valued as yellow gold. Most of us buy gold as we can use it in emergency situations to get money easily by pawning.  Good news is that you can deposit pink gold jeweleries to a Government certified pawning center or in a bank just like pure yellow gold!

It is a fashion trend these days:

Using pink gold jewelry is a trend these days. It is being used in wedding jeweleries as well.

Make sure you buy quality gold:

Most of the time when we buy gold jewelry we pay more attention to its shape and design. But as in yellow gold jewelry we should consider the quality of the gold. Get the certificate issued by National gem and Jewelery Authority confirming indicating the quality of gold that has been used to manufacture your jewelery. You may have to pay extra for this but as you are investing more money on Gold it is always advisable to get this certificate.

Pink Gold Ring

Let me now share some useful information if you have any concern about the Gold jewelery you have bought.

You can go to the National Gem and Jewellery Authority in No: 25, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka to check the consistency of different alloys in your gold items. With a reasonable payment, assaying and hallmarking of jewellery will be done at the place. Also, for Migrants, jewellery valuation report can be obtained at there. Make sure,  that there is official certified seal of National Gem and Jewellery is on the valuation report.

Since you as a customer looking forward to have high quality, durable jewellery, it is very important to make sure what you buy is worth for every penny. Do not just walk into a jewellery shop and buy expensive gold items without checking its quality and quantity.


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