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Lelum in Concert & “Lelum” CD Launch

Maestro Victor Rathnayake’s son, Lelum Rathnayake is about to launch his foremost music CD “Lelum.” The musical show will be staged at Bishop Girl’s school auditorium on Saturday August 10, 2013. Jayantha Rathnayake, who is a well experienced keyboardist and the brother of the performer, directs the music of “Lelum” concert.

Prominent and prolific song writers such as, Professor Sunil Ariyarathna, Yamuna Malini Perera, Channa Bandara Wijekoon, Rasika Weerawikrama Gunawardhena, Chaaminda Rathnasuriya, Prabha Kumar Rajaguru, Charith Senadeera contributed with songs in Lelum Rathnayake’s “Lelum” music collection CD.

Lelum RathnayakeJayantha Rathnayake had composed music for two songs while rest were done by Lelum Rathnayake himself. Mr. Sunandha Meththasinghe was the one who responsible for sound balancing and recording of Lelum’s song collections.

Ochestral music of “Lelum In Concert” is rich with talented musicians such as, Jayantha Rathnayake ( Lelum’s brother), Mahendra Pasquel, Buddhika Perera, Nadeeka Jayawardhana, Vishwa Paranayapa, Nushan Hettiarachchi, Nuwan Liyanage, Sumudu Guruge, Shehan Jayasooriya, and Shamishna De Silva.

It is no wonder that Lelum Rathnayake’s musical career was shaped by his talented brother, Jayantha Rathnayake. At the age of eight, Lelum appeared on the National Television musical shows as a child star with the permission of his famous father, Victor Rathnayake. Musician Lakshman Wijesekara took this talented young artist to the set. At the time he was a school boy of D.S. Senanayake College.

Lelum came into spot light with the song, “Paana Thiya Budu Saduta Himidiriye” in “Abha Yaluwo ” Teledrama song. Later Lelum got the chance to participate in film songs directed by his Uncle and well-known musician, Somapala Rathnayake. Lelum says meeting Ossy Nugera in Canada was one of his golden opportunities as he gained the knowledge of western music from Mr. Nugera during his time in Canada. Once he returned to Sri Lanka, Lelum joined “Siha Shakthi” musical group as an instrumentalist. Later, Lelum joined the western music group called Almate as a drum player. Lelum was also linked with Jet Liners, Spit Fires, Amazing Grace, Desmond and the Clan music groups in Sri Lanka in 1970’s. The first album Jayantha and Lelum Rathnayake did was, “Asala Nil Sada .” Lelum also worked along with Exit, Bind North, Contra Band western music groups in Sri Lanka and he participated on numerous musical shows in Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Maldives etc with these bands.

Apart from all of the above, Lelum Rathnayake composed songs for famous musicians. Here are some of the songs Lelum had done for other artists including his own father.
Victor Rathnayake (father) – “Obai Mage Dilidu Hithai”
Samitha Mudunkotuwa – “Mana Ranjanaa / Sansaarannyaye”
Ranil Mallawarachchi – “Oba Maagemai Sasara Puraa”
Kithsiri Jayasekara – “Auw Kannadiya / Wasanthaya Yalith”
Neela Wickramasinghe – “Siya Dahas Waarayak Pasassum”
Kasun Kalhara – “Susum Podak Wee”

Lelum is a lucky musician who took part in his father, Maestro Victor Rathnayake’s “Sa” concert, Nanada Malini’s “Shwetha Raathriya,” Neela Wichramasinghe’s “Master Sir,” and Rohana Weerasinghe’s “Aadaraneeya Rohana” concerts. Even Lelum Rathnayake shine as a instrumentalist, “Era Hada Tharu” family concert showed his sensational singing style as a true muti-talented artist in this era. We give our best wishes to “Lelum In Concert” musical show and his first music CD launch.

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