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Sri Lankan Scientist Invents a Quick Cure for Chronic Ulcers

Ulcers with poor healing (Chronic ulcers) can be due to many causes. There are thousands of people who are suffering from poorly healing wound. These wounds are called Chronic ulcers and most of the time has an underlying cause. Ulcers in patients with diabetes (Diabetic ulcer), venous ulcer in patients with varicose veins, Pressure ulcers in bed ridden patients, and ulcers due to cancer are few of the common causes of these chronic ulcers. Sri Lankan chemistry scientist has invented a medicine which can quickly cure these ulcers. In this article we will discuss Moratuwa university professor Anul Perera and his new invention Aerobic Anaerobic Disinfectant Antiseptic (AADA).

This medicine comes in a form of liquid and can be used in both inside and out side of the body ulcers. Even though it is beyond the scope of this article to scientifically explain this medicine this biological product works on the ulcer tissue locally killing the bacteria (germs). Also this medicine has almost no side effects.

Prof. Anul PereraThe other advantage of medicine is that it is not necessary to admit patients to hospital to use this medicine. Patients can be taught to use this product at home. In quick time patients are able to see healthy tissue (Granulation tissue) forming on the ulcer base and achieving is vital for body’s natural healing. Prof. Anul Perera mentions Dr. Daminda and Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksha as the people who helped in this great invention.

Professor Anul Perera works attached to university of Moratuwa Chemistry department and has engaged in numerous research projects. He won the best research national award in 2009. He is the inventor of Delta D technology which is used to degrade garbage quickly producing carbonic fertilizer. This technology is also a very simple and economical method. He is currently researching to produce bio diesel using straw.

Professor Anul Perera is the brother of one of best Neurosurgeon in the country, Dr. Sunil Perera. His sister is Dr. Shiranthi Perera who is a consultant eye surgeon. Professor Anul Perera is a product of Ananda college.


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8 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Scientist Invents a Quick Cure for Chronic Ulcers

  1. *”Prof Anul perera works attached to University of Moratuwa chemistry department”

    There’s no chemistry department in university of moratuwa. That must be corrected as “Chemical and Process Engineering Department”. He’s producing engineers not the chemists. Chemistry and chemical engineering are whole different areas..

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